No matter what happens in Belgrade, Domenech stays.

522313French sports magazine L’Equipe has reported that French soccer boss Jean-Pierre Escalettes said that French coach Raymond Domenech will stay with the team no matter the result of Wednesday’s game against Serbia.

Escalettes said that the most important priority for France is to qualify, no matter how they achieve that goal.

Still, with a draw to Romania at home and a weak 1-0 win at the Faroe Islands, it is hard to clearly say that Les Bleus will actually qualify for World Cup 2010.

And even if France barely qualifies for the World Cup, what kind of preformance will we expect from the team? And other 2002 World Cup result? A 2008 Euro result?

Qualifying is one thing, but if the French National Team goes to South Africa just to be embarrased, then what does that say about the state of French soccer?

Therefore, it seems like Raymond Domenech will be with France for a while….at least until after World Cup 2010, I fear.


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