Let the Blues manager ‘silly season’ begin!

EMP22 HOULLIER basel v liverWell, with all that has been surrounding the media the last two days with the whole Domenech v. Henry match up, there is now speculation flying around that Domenech might not make it if the Serbia game doesn’t go Les Bleus’ way.

After FFF President Jean-Pierre Escalettes stated that Domenech is staying with the team no matter what the result, he was seen today at Clairefontaine with Gérard Houllier. Houllier has been tipped by a number of people as a possible replacement if Domenech is to depart the team. While Houllier is Les Bleus’ technical director, his presence there still raises a number of eyebrows.

Another report that got a lot of attention was the possibility of Laurent Blanc becoming the manager of the team.  Asked this evening on Europe 1 about the possibility of Laurent Blanc heading the France National Team in case of the dismissal of Raymond Domenech after the Serbia vs. France match, President of FC Girondins de Bordeaux Jean-Louis Triaud said he was ready to release his coach under certain conditions.

Triaud did say if Blanc were to manage Les Bleus, it would be on a temporary basis only. Therefore, Houllier might be the best choice, considering two years ago he did mention that he was interested in entering international management again.

So, with the mess the last few days, it seems like some wheels might be rolling on finding Domenech’s possible replacement.


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  1. I have also heard those rumors. The one about Blanc is very interesting. I was listening to one of the soccer podcasts from France and the discussed the opportunity for Blanc to manage the team as did Hiddink – Chelsea and the Russian National team – on a temporary basis.

    Houllier has always been rumored as the manager in waiting once he got involved with the FFF again as a technical director.

    Either one would be a step up from what we currently have!

    I think a dark horse – Guy Roux….


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