Lille plays well, but only gets a point.

090721Gervinho03In a game that saw Lille dominate, the final score didn’t reflect the play on the field. The home side drew Spanish side Valencia 1-1 in a game that saw a number of offensive opportunities for Lille fall by the waist-side.

At the start of the game, Lille put their foot on the gas petal and never let go. While the team looked great, there were a few players that stood out. Belgian international Eden Hazard led the Lille offense, which had six shots on target, producing a number of breakaway opportunities for the home team. Ludovic Obraniak also had a great first half.

The most impressive play, besides Hazard, was that of forward Yao Kouassi Gervinho.  Sensing that Lille was pressuring Valencia, manager Rudi Garcia replaced reliable midfielder Florent Balmont with Ivorian striker in the 76th minute. Right away, Grevinho had a number of chances to score. But with his team down a goal, Grevinho stole the ball from the Valencian defenderwhich lead to a breakaway, and the equalizer.

A minute later, Eden Hazard had his own breakaway, and passed the ball back to Gervinho, who shot just happened to hit Valencia goalkeeper Cesar.

While Lille was clearly the better team on the pitch, their fan have to be upset with the 1-1 draw. There were too many opportunities that Lille wasted. Their style of play is very similar to Marseille…and both teams seem to have to same problem…their fast pace makes it more difficult to set up plays.

Hopefully before the next game, we will see some tactical changes. Still, Rudi Garcia has to be worried about his job at this point.

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