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Lille vs. Valencia Live!

logoLosc2I will be putting my remarks on this post about the game between Lille and Valencia. I was able to catch action 26 minutes into the game. And with the game that I am watching being in Spanish, I have no idea what they are saying, so good luck to me!


10 Responses

  1. Catching play in the 37th minute now. Lille has looked good moving the ball forward. Hazard is amazing! I’m afraid that some other European club will pick him up sooner or later 😦

  2. I have only watched the game for 10 minutes, but Lille are still having a hard time scoring, like in Ligue 1. They have the pace, just not the finishing touch.

  3. The defense is also looking good for Lille. If they continue this pace, they should score a few. But this has been the story of Lille all year, like Marseille.

  4. Halftime stats, possesion is at 50-50, shots on goal in favor of Lille 6-4, on target in favor of Lille 3-2.

  5. Lille is starting the second half pressuring hard! Just a matter of time, I hope!

  6. Lille still dominating the game, with a few chances for Valencia. Obraniak is looking damn good!!!

  7. Vittek is out, darn!

  8. Goal Valencia….Marseille Jr will lose another match.

  9. Yao Kouassi Gervinho SCORES!!! Almost has a 2nd as well in a span of one minute!

  10. Well, the game is over, and the score ends up 1-1. Lille could have put this game away, and early as well, but they just couldn’t finish the plays. A number of chances at the end of the game should have gone in, but didn’t.

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