Toulouse vs. Belgrade live

This post will be following the matchup between Toulouse and Partizan Belgrade live. Feel free to leave any remarks if you are watching tToulouse-FChe match.


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  1. Well as I get this up, Toulouse is already down 1-0. Not a good way to start off!

  2. Sirieix scores!!! 1-1!!! More scoring than the last game. Toulouse showing a little more pressure. Still, it is hard to watch this game with the poor video quality. Sorry I can’t give you more on the goal.

  3. Seems like Toulouse has woken up after the first Belgrade goal. Looking a little better now.

  4. Toulouse now up 2-1 by a goal from Sirieix! His second!

  5. Well I Gignacless Toulouse is winning. Decent play so far. They are setting up plays well, but Belgrade have their chances as well.

  6. Devaux scores! 3-1 now for Toulouse.

  7. Looks like they don’t need Didot or Gignac for this game. And they shouldn’t put them in now either.

  8. Toulouse is bringing Braaten in. Hope he doesn’t play too hard, since they have this game in hand.

  9. Toulouse just allowed a weak goal. They are starting to snooze and not taking it seriously. That cost them there!

  10. I have just lost all my feeds, so hopefully Toulouse will hold on!

  11. Ok back up 🙂

  12. Match over, Toulouse win 3-2. Will have a post-game report later this evening.

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