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Paris St-Germain – Edel starts over Coupet

psgAfter this weekends hard fought game against Olympique Lyonnais, Paris St-Germain have decided to rest some players in today’s League Cup matchup against Boulogne.

Antoine Kombouare said that many of his players, especially his older players, need a little bit of a break after Sunday’s game, and that they need to be ready for Saturday’s matchup against Lorient. Goaltender Edel Apoula will be replacing Gregory Coupet in goal. Also, Claude Makelele and Gregory Bourillon will be taking a rest as well.

Kombouare also said that Edel will be playing all cup matches for PSG.

“Players are not machines. I want to inject new blood. We have a group of quality players who are not there simply for figuration. The idea is to bring the best team possible,” said Kombouare in a press conference yesterday.

Does this mean that PSG is concentrated more on Ligue 1 play more than they are about Cup play? In recent years, PSG seems to slide once that cup play starts. Why is this? Is it because they feel that cannot break into the top five in Ligue 1 play the past and therefore concentrate winning the League Cup to qualify for Europe?

Now, with a stronger team that is playing better and a new manager, are they not going to take the cup play as seriously? We shall see in tonight’s matchup.


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  1. Interesting, the media and PSG management must have been jerking us around because Coupet is in goal.

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