Strasbourg’s woes continue

RC-StrasbourgThis time two years ago, RC Strasbourg was still in 8th place in the Ligue 1 table. After being promoted to the top league the year before, the Alsace side looked to quite possibly to be the shock of the year. But by the end of the year, the story was quite different, only scoring 25 points in the last 31 game and relegated back to Ligue 2.

Last year, Strasbourg looked to reclaim their place in Ligue 1. Going into the last week, they were sitting pretty in second place. Yet a loss slipped them down to fourth place and another year in Ligue 2.

Going into this season, many expected RC Strasbourg to make that push for Ligue 1 promotion again, but the story has been quite different. Seven games into the season, Strasbourg find themselves last place, with no wins and only three draws.

Since the slide began, the team have made a number of changes. They started with firing their manager Gilbert Gress after two games and replaced him with Pascal Janin. Even Janin hasn’t been able to turn the club’s fortunes around, and there are now calls for his head as well. There are now rumors going around that Jean-Pierre Papin, who lead Strasbourgh to Ligue 1 a couple of years ago, would replace Janin, yet Papin has denied this. This week they also promoted current player Pascal Camadini to the position of sporting coordinator.

Strasbourg’s main problem is allowing goals. In their seven matches, they have allowed 15 goals. Time has been evenly split between veteran Stephane Cassard and 19-year old newcomer Kevin Sommer. Neither have looked impressive this year.

Still, with another possible shakeup in their management, it is looking harder and harder for Strasbourg to avoid the Championnat National, as they take on table-leading Caen this weekend.

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