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I know there are many people out there who are English-speaking that try to play as many online fantasy football games as possible. Heck, I even play fantasy basketball from time to time, having no idea what I am doing. And with many websites, like Yahoo, offering French fantasy football, some fans need guidance on how the pick their starting line up for their team.

I have been involved with fantasy sports since 1988, when I played in a fantasy hockey league on an internet program called Q-Link, which was available for the Commodore 64. I have won my fair share of championships throughout the years. And, hopefully, this site can help you with your starting lineup if you are in a French football fantasy league, but have no idea who to start.

We will be doing this every week, and hopefully you will enjoy it!

And if you have a question about starting players, leave a comment and we can get back to you.

So, on to Matchday 15. Who to play and who not to play is the question. And to start off, I will give you my starters for the week.

But just a note before we start…make sure you do not start any Monaco or Montpellier players as that game has been postponed due to swine flu.

Players to start
This week has some pretty interesting match ups. And, many of those match ups might lead to a lack of goals. It seems like a highly offensive teams are playing highly defensive teams. And, of course, one will have to give. And in fantasy it is all about the match ups as much as it is about the players themselves.

Two players that are must starts for fantasy this week are Toulouse’s Andre-Pierre Gignac and Moussa Sissoko. Toulouse will be playing a struggling Boulogne one side that has allowed the second most amount of goals this season. Sissoko has been a consistent scoring threat for Le Tef, and Gignac seems to have his scoring touch back. Still, the weak matchup should help these player’s points, especially in leagues where shots count.

Both Gameiro and Vahirua of Lorient are must-starts.

Both Gameiro and Vahirua of Lorient are must starts

Another must starts for this week is Loic Remy, who is playing against Sochaux and both Lorient strikers Kevin Gameiro and Marama Vahirua as they take on Grenoble. Also look at Marseille to get a few goals against Lens. Therefore Mamadou Niang is a must start, as he always is. And to finish out the forwards, Marouane Chamakh is a must start against Nancy, especially with the absence of Yoann Gourcuff.

As far as midfield, Lorient’s Olivier Monterrubio continues to be a good start. He can not only score goals, but he can put up assists as well. Sochaux’s Marvin Martin might also be a player that can contribute a goal against Nice.

Defensively, Lyon players are always considered good starters. You cannot go wrong with Aly Cissokho, Jean-Alain Bounsong or Cris. These are must starts in any league. As far as goaltenders, Lorient’s Fabien Audard and Toulouse’s Yoann Pele (who should be back from suspension, but still keep an eye if he starts) are strong bets.

The “Sleeper of the Week” might be Lille’s Robert Vittek. While Vittek only has one goal this year, everyone knows that he will eventually turn his game around. And going against Valencienne is the perfect place to do it. A Lille vs. Valencienne match could resemble the high scoring game that we saw between Marseille and Lyon a few weeks ago. If that is the case, Vittek is a definite sleeper starter for this week.

Players to Sit
While it is hard to say this, I would caution anyone that is considering playing any Lyon striker or midfielder. Because of Lyon’s injuries and Claude Puel’s constant changing of on-field personnel, it is a risk to start a players like Bafe Gomis or Lisandro Lopez if you don’t know if they will start. If you do have these players, make sure that they are starters by checking the Ligue 1 site right before game time. Otherwise, you might have just wasted a forward position.

Also, Paris Saint-Germain strikers might have a hard time scoring as well, as they take on the defensive-minded league leaders Auxerre. Like Lyon, it is sometimes hard to know who the starting striker is for PSG. Still, expect Mevlut Erding, Peguy Luyindula and Ludovic Giuly to be shut down this weekend.

As far as goaltenders and defense, stay away from anyone on Rennes. While they are a good defensive team, they could possibly be shell-shocked by Lyon. Expect Lyon to pile on the shots and give goalkeeper Nicolas Douchez and American defender Carlos Bocanegra a very hard time.

Gyan plays a strong defense and goaltender in Lyon.

“Bust of the Week”
Lyon is expected to pile on the shots. Even with their offensive firepower, they have a stong defense as well, especially since Jean-Alain Boumsong has been put back into the starting line up. This will make it even harder for Asamoah Gyan to score for Rennes. Gyan is currently third in Ligue 1 scoring, but he might be blanked in this match. He is usually a must start in every format, and he continues to be on Sunday, but his stats might not be what you are use to.

Dave’s “Must Start” Starting Lineup
Here is my suggested starting lineup for Matchday 15. I would go with a 4-3-3 line up and start the following.

Goal: Fabien Audard (LOR)

Defense: Adama Coulibaly (AUX), Cris (LYN), Souleymane Diawarra (L’OM), Aly Cissokho (LYN)

Midfield: Moussa Sissoko (TOU), Lucho (L’OM), Benoit Pedretti (AUX)

Strikers: Andre-Pierre Gignac (TOU), Mamadou Niang (L’OM), Kevin Gameiro (LOR)

Also, make sure you check Ligue 1’s site for injuries!

Good luck players!!


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  1. I’ve been looking for a fantasy Ligue 1 game but I haven’t been able to find one. Care to send me a link?

  2. Never mind, I figured it out. I feel like we should make some kind of league.

  3. Gomis was injured this week so it is likely that Lisandro will be getting the start on Sunday.

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