Ligue 1 Predict PSG Victory!!

Or did they win 4-1? Who knows!

Right now, I am looking at the Ligue 1 website and, if you didn’t know it, Paris Saint Germain has defeated Auxerre by a score of 3-1.

Pedretti was the only scorer for Auxerre while Giuly, Erding and Luyindula scored for PSG.

And, despite reports, Ireneusz Jelen did play for Auxerre.

So, it looks like PSG is moving up the table and I congratulate them on their win.

The only problem is that this game hasn’t been played yet. I am looking at the Ligue 1 site, it is still an hour and a half until the two sides take on each other as Parc des Princes. Apparently, Ligue 1 is quite happy with a PSG win, even if the team doesn’t know it.

Again, congrats PSG.

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