Fantasy Ligue 1 group created

After posting my pick ’em and sit ’em choices for fantasy Ligue 1 soccer fans, I got a number of responses saying that we should start up a fantasy Ligue 1 group. Therefore, I have done just that.

We have created a group on Yahoo called “Everything French Foot”, which is a group for the followers of this site. The season will start as of this week, so nobody has a heads up on the competition. We will also have a weekly post on here telling everyone who the leader is and so on. Next year, when we start this concept from the first day of the season, we plan on giving away a prize for the winner. We are just not doing it this year because this is our first forte into doing something like this.

So, to join the group you have to go to the Yahoo website listed below. Warning, it is in French:

On the right, you will select “Rejoindre un groupe” or join group.

In the Identifiant du groupe box, you will put 2809

And in the Mot de passe, you will put sissokogignac

From that point on, you can set up your team.

I hope that we get some people on board and can make this a successful idea.

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