New look Le Mans turning the corner?

New Logo for LeMans FC for 2010.

Earlier this month, Le Mans UC 72 announced that they were changing their name to Le Mans FC. They released their new logo as well. They are also getting ready for their new stadium, which will be available in 2010. And last week, they fired their coach Paulo Daurte (who is now dedicating his full attention to Burkina Faso’s National Team) and has temporarily replaced him with Arnaud Cormier.

And since Cormier’s arrival, Le Mans has notched two consecutive victories against Valenciennes (2-1) and Grenoble (1-0). While there is much of the season yet to play, this seems to be a positive turn around for Le Mans.

When the club announced their new logo and team name, they said that they based their decision to make the change due to marketing research. Nobody could relate to UC 72, or even knew what it means. On the other hand, FC has become a common suffix in the football community. They also said that their research showed that they needed to start dipping into the transfer market in order to make their fans happy

Is this (talking about making changes to the team now rather than later) a move to keep their team in Ligue 1? Many supporters worried that if Le Mans were demoted to Ligue 2, it would be unknown if any of their research and work would help their team as far as attendance and sales. So far, since the announcement, there has been now signs of increased ticket sales, as attendance remains around 8,000 fans per home match.

Still, this is a welcomed sight for Le Mans, who looked certained for relegation just three short weeks ago. They weren’t able to score. They had a coach which was more worried about the African Cup of Nations instead of Ligue 1 play, and there was talk about players being transfered out (like Modibo Maiga) instead of players being transfered in. But now, it seems like many of these problems are starting to be fixed.

Can we say that Le Mans is starting to climb? It is still too early to tell, but the moves that the club is starting to make is certainlly starting to turn some heads. That and two consecutive victories shows that, maybe, Le Mans has no intentions of being demoted to Ligue 2.

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