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Scandal: Apoula Edel

PSG keeper Apoula Edel, who has been given his time to shine since the injury to Greg Coupet, has been accused of lying about his name and age by his former trainer, Nicolas Philibert. Philibert claims that Edel is 27 rather than 23 and is named Ambroise Beyamena. He also claims that Edel owes him money that he will attempt to reclaim. Here is what he told France Bleu

“In 2000 and 2001 I was the coach of Ambroise Beyamena, who was 19 years old.

This player has behaved very badly to me for four to five years. I visited him at his hotel before the Montpellier v Paris St Germain game. I told him I was not happy with his behavior and he laughed at me.

I told him: ‘Wait as I denounce the fact you have cheated with your age and your identity.’ He was 19 years old in 2000, he is 27 today.”

Saint-Etienne, who are in a tight relegation battle, attempted to complain to Ligue 1 about this issue prior to the match last weekend. Robin Leproux was quick to bite back at Philibert and the ASSE management…

“We have an administrative file on Edel which is absolutely clear about his sporting career and his two passports, Armenian and Cameroonian, his birth certificate and even copies of his parents’ identity papers.

We hold a clear and solid record. I have a feeling of disgust. We’re talking about a young player who has had a very hard journey.

Now he is succeeding, there are people who come out and make statements that amount to blackmail and extortion, and a vice-president of the league (St Etienne president Bernard Caiazzo) gives credit to those people. I am really disgusted.”

Take that Sainte. Just because we’ve got the best backup keeper in the league doesn’t mean you have to try to ruin his career.


3 Responses

  1. Philibert has continued to make his case, declaring that he wants to take it to court. This might be more serious than we thought…

  2. I don’t know what the whole issue is about.

    If he was saying he was older when he is actually younger,I could understand. Then you could be talking about him getting a contract when he is, in fact, a youth. That isn’t the case.

    Also,I could understand if he was playing for the U-21 Armenian team and was older. But he never was.

    His age doesn’t mean anything, and even if he is older it doesn’t mean squat.

  3. Philibert just wants money from him, I think that’s the real idea behind it.

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