Our Best Articles of the Year

My 2009 Blog "Photo of the Year", period!

The next week is going to be quiet in the Ligue 1 Talk world. Most people are on vacation, others are with family, and other are getting ready for New Year Day and, therefore, might not be totally coherent.

Therefore, here are a list of our best articles of the year. If you are new to the site, you might have missed these. So, we are going to post our best here and lets you take a look. Enjoy!

Ligue 1 All-Star Team – Defenders – December 9th

Ligue 1 All-Star Team – Midfielders – December 11th

Ligue 1 All-Star Team: Strikers – December 15th

Ligue 1 – Best League in the World Part I – September 17th

Ligue 1- Best League in the World Part II – September 20th

Marseille: Looking busy yet doing nothing – September 16th

Is Ribery Part of Domenech’s Plan Anymore? – October 20th

Brice Taton 1981-2009 – September 30th

A New Look at the Quality of Ligue 1 – November 1st

What’s going on with Lyon? : a supporter’s point of view – December 17th

The Domenech Formula – November 15th

Lyon 0 – Bordeaux 1 : transfer of power – December 13th

England vs. France in World Cup? – December 15th

So, Who is France’s Most Popular Team? – November 15th

Do upsets show Ligue 1 strength? – October 25th

Moussa Sissoko: France’s next Patrick Vieira? – October 29th

France advances! Is it fair? My ramble… – November 19th

Ireland vs. France news: Roy Keane accuses Ireland of hypocrisy – November 20th

Champions League Preview: Marseille Looks For Much Needed Revenge – November 25th

Le Mans UC 72 to become Le Mans FC – December 4th

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