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FFF boss Escalettes reveals coach hopefuls

In the last day, we have learned a lot about the possible future of the French National Team.

First, we learned that the FFF will not renew the contract with current coach Raymond Domenech. While this isn’t a surprise to many, it is now official after FFF President Jean-Pierre Escalettes said that he is looking at a number of coaches to take over the French coaching job after the World Cup.

In addition, we also learned who is on the FFF shortlist as possible replacements for Domenech. In three radio interviews, Escalettes was asked who he was considering for a replacement for Domenech. Instead of staying quiet and keeping his cards close to him, he pretty much showed his hand before the game was even over.

Six names were mentioned in the series of interviews, which were conducted Tuesday night by Europe 1, RCM and RTL. First and foremost was the name of Bordeaux manager, Laurent Blanc, was mentioned by Escalettes. Blanc, who was being considered for the job after the Euro 2008 competition, has weakly said that he is committed to Bordeaux. Still, in the last few months, the “Laurent Blanc Story” seems to change its tune a bit.

Also mentioned in the interviews where current Marseille manager Didier Deschamps, who, like Blanc, is in a contract with OM which will bind him to the team after the World Cup. If the FFF plans on adding any of these managers to their squad, I’m sure it will come at a price.

Escalettes also dropped the names of two other high-profile French managers, current Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and former Auxerre manager Guy Roux. Both managers could bring success to the French squad. They have both shown in France, and in the case of Wenger in England, they know how to succeed.

The last two names mentioned by Escalettes were Jean Tigana and  Alain Boghossian.

After two seasons at Lyon, which saw OL climb from 14th to 2nd in the Championnat, Tigana took over Monaco after the departure of Arsene Wenger in 1995. At Monaco, he secured one championship and the team always qualified for European competition. In 2000, he moved to Fulham where he saw the west London side move up to the Premiership. His last coaching job was with Turkish side Beşiktaş, where is saw moderate success, including a Turkish Super Cup win.

Alain Boghossian is the current assistant coach under Raymond Domenech and has no previous managing experience. This midfielder spent a number of his playing years in France, Italy and Spain. He was also capped 26 times for the French National Team, where he scored two goals.

So far, these are the names which have been mentioned by Jean-Pierre Escalettes. It is unheard of to start talking about coaching speculations in any sport, especially by the front office, when your current coach is still under contract and is going to be your coach in the upcoming World Cup. While it is good to know that the French National Team will be under new management come August, the timing of these interviews couldn’t come at a worse time, as both coach and team are preparing for the upcoming trip to South Africa.


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  1. “the timing of these interviews couldn’t come at a worse time, as both coach and team are preparing for the upcoming trip to South Africa.”

    meh, I don’t think the players or Domenech were ever under any illusions he would be the coach after the world cup. I don’t see how this will effect the team at all, as they aren’t exactly preparing for the world cup at the moment and if anything it will be a relief to the players to know they won’t have to waste their time with Domenech in the future.

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