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Man City manager Patrick Vieira?

Is Vieira Mancini's "right hand man" at Man City? (Getty Images)

Of course, all the big news has been around the arrival of French international and all-time great Patrick Vieira in Manchester City. For a team that is having a hard time finding the winning touch, they made the loan offer to Inter Milan, not only to add winning experience on the field, but to give City the leadership they desperately need right now.

But was Vieira brought there for another reason?

Vieira is getting up there in age. While 33 years old isn’t exactly ‘old’ in the world of football, he is getting up there. Therefore, his play on the field nowadays might not exactly be Arsenalesque.

But was he brough to Manchester City for another reason? Is he looking at his future instead of looking at the present? Basically, is he looking at trying to secure a coaching career in the next few years, using Manchester City as a stepping stone for that journey?

It is easy to say that Vieira will be one of Roberto Mancini’s favorites. He is fluent in three languages, which will be a valuable asset for both player and coach. He also, as we mentioned before, has leadership qualities. Therefore, it might be easier for Vieira to enforce Mancini’s tactics and strategy to the players than Mancini himself. Therefore, has Patrick Vieira already become the assistant coach of Manchester City?

We should find out in the next few weeks. Will he be a starter for Man City? Will he come off the bench? Will he be vocal on the bench or on the pitch? Will be sit there and stay still and be quiet? Our questions will soon be answered.

While there are a number of reason why Vieira might be looking at a coaching career with either Man City or another club in the near future, some in the British press have stated that this is Vieira’s stepping stone toward coaching the French National Team once Raymond Domenech leaves the team after the World Cup. Still, it is highly unlikely that the FFF will entrust their team to inexperienced hands, when they have both Didier Deschamps and Laurent Blanc to pick from. Like usual, the British press is 100% wrong on this note.

So, the question that is on everyone’s mind…’how valuable will Vieira be for Manchester City’? Right now, we have no clue, but we should know soon enough.

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