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Saturday’s French Cup wrap up, and horrible kits!

Please, for the love of god, change your jerseys next year! PLEASE!

The round of 64 started in the French Cup on Saturday and, as expected, there were very few surprises.

Lyon started the second half of their season with a victory away against struggling Ligue 2 side Strasbourg 3-1. OL saw the return of French international midfielder Jeremy Toulalan. Also, defender/midfielder Mathieu Bodmer returned to the team after a few months away from injury. Still, during the match, Bodmer was injured yet again and was replaced. It is unknown to the extent of his injury. Michel Bastos scored twice and Bafe Gomis scored once in the Lyon victory. Nicolas Fauvergue continues to impress with Strasbourg with the teams only goal.

Further to the south, champions and league leader Bordeaux had problems with Championnat National side Rodez, where they only secured a 1-0 win. Bordeaux’s only goal came from a penalty kick by Wendel. Rodez played a very tight defensive match, which saw Bordeaux players wearing down early. While a win wasn’t in the cards for Rodez, Bordeaux played their style, securing another close win in the second half of a match.

Even with Bordeaux’s close match, there were very few surprises in saturday’s matches. The only surprise of note was CFA Group A side Vesoul (who currently sit in 15th in that group). They travelled to Ligue 2 side Laval and secured a 2-1. Laval is only three points out of the promotion playoff spot in Ligue 2, so we will see how their loss to an amateur side will effect them in their upcoming match against RC Strasbourg.

Besides the high profile teams, the only other games of note were Le Mans defeat of Valenciennes 2-1 and Rennes 2-0 victory over Ligue 1 leaders Caen.

If anyone was able to watch the matches yesterday (or can possibly catch some today), the most notable eye-sore on the pitch was the ‘high profile’ sponsorship jerseys that the French Cup matches brought with them. I don’t want to get into the jersey, but just look at the photo that we put on this post. Imagine seeing that match after match! It is, honestly, disgusting. Hopefully in the future, the Coupe de la France folks might consider a change, for our eye’s sake!

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