Nedved to join Cannes as well?

First it was the signing of Czech international Jan Koller. Next there was talk about French international Sylvain Wiltord joining the team.

Now, according to many media sources, Cannes has approached Pavel Nedved to join their team. The former Juventus star quit football last year after being unable to secure a contract deal that would keep him at Juventus. Therefore, Cannes is looking to get the former Czech international out of retirement and play for the team.

Cannes is a team with much tradition. It has been the starting off point for many superstar players, like Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira, Julien Escude and Sebastien Frey. After the departure of these players, the team slid down into Ligue 2, and is now currently in the Championnat National, where they sit in 15th place.

We will keep you further updated on any of these possible moves for Wiltord or Nedved materialize.


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  1. lets not forgot the south of france is very very nice so cannes would be on top of my list for retirement not mls

  2. What? Kansas City doesn’t sound like a good place to retire 🙂 lol

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