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Ligue 1 Talk Podcast for Feb. 5th

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Here is the highlights for our February 5th edition of the Ligue 1 Talk podcast:

French National Team:
French National Team puts Domenech in total control of the team until after the World Cup
Laurent Blanc continues to deny any ‘secret deal’ rumors between him and the FFF

French and League Cup Recaps:
Colmar defeating Lille
Nancy losing to the charging Plabennec
Toulouse vs. Marseille in the League Cup Semi-finals
Lyon being knocked out of both cups, what it means for the team.

Wrap up of the Winter Mercato

Ligue 1 News and notes:
Montpellier dominating Marseille
Nice Fans…are they on crack?

Preview upcoming matches.
Toulouse vs. Lyon



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  1. […] since today is Super Bowl Day (and on the last Ligue 1 Talk Podcast I predicted a Colts victory 35-17, but I am going for the Saints), I will not be able to join any live discussions for this match. […]

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