A day of upsets in the French Cup

Brest celebrates their victory against Toulouse (L'Equipe)

Today was not a good day to be a favorite in the French Cup. While many, like myself, were looking forward to a rematch of Toulouse vs. Marseille in the Round of 16 in the French Cup, it was not to be.

But before we go into those matches, lets look at the top team, Bordeaux. With Monaco traveling into town, most people though that Bordeaux would just roll over Monaco, especially with the downpour of snow. But Monaco, a team that looks to be on a mission lately, knocked Bordeaux out of the French Cup with a 2-0 win.

Djimi Traore and newcomer Moussa Maazou were the two goal scorers for Monaco. Late in the match, Bordeaux looked like they wanted to pressure offensively, but they just didn’t have the teamwork to get anything working up front (I guess the Chamakh lovers can make their point against me here, fair enough).

Still, Monaco will advance to the quarter finals of the French Cup. Another team that will be joining Bordeaux in the ‘L column’ in French Cup competition is Marseille. L’OM suffered a 3-1 to Lens, who look to be getting their season back on track. This match was a ’round of 32′ match, and Lens will now advance to the next round, where they haven’t been in some time. Still, Lens fans showed their respect for L’OM toward the end of the match by singing Les Marseillaise (the French National Anthem).

Further south, Toulouse’s offensive woes continued. After a decent start to 2010, where the team finally started to see some offensive life, they haven’t been unable to score many goals as of late, and suffered a 2-0 loss to Brest at the Stadium Municipal. So, like Lyon a few weeks ago, Toulouse has been knocked out of both cup competitions in the span of a week.

Another team that will be joining Toulouse, Bordeaux and Marseille is Plabennec. While many expected Auxerre to crush the Championnat National side (which they did 4-0), it was one of the feel-good stories of the tournament, as they knocked off Nice (which now even looks less impressive) and Nancy. Still, they suffered the big loss that we knew would eventually happen, and Auxerre advances.

And finally, St. Etienne, who has had a dismal season in Ligue 1 so far, pushed their way ahead in the French Cup as they defeated Ligue 2 side Vannes 2-0. Dimitri Payet and Emmanuel Riviere scord Les Verts two goals.


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  2. I don’t quite know how heavily l’OM were favoured against Lens, a team without Ben Arfa and Lucho (suspended) and without Diawara, Bonnart, Valbuena, Brandao and Cisse. We even started Hilton at centre back – who wasn’t trusted there when comfortably beating VAFC. Clearly priorities lie elsewhere at the moment for l’OM.

  3. As they should. And as for Lens, this is exactly what they need. I always say that OM has to be favored over Lens most of the time.

    Still, the crowd there is still the most amazing in all of French football.

  4. And for the record – I’d hardly consider myself a Chamakh lover – his “goal” against l’OM was infuriating. I’m just in awe of how Bordeaux run their football club, and thus I don’t believe that your or my point is made by this loss in this competition. The proof will be in the Champions Leage and Ligue 1.

  5. Well, instead of saying it was an upset, I guess I should have said that one of the giants of L1 fell (that being Marseille).

  6. I’d prefer that Dave – thanks.

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