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Miami trying to get the French Super Cup in 2011

I just got this press release, and since I just woke up, I am just going to put the press release up for you all to read this. God I hope this is true.

PLANTATION, Fla.- Contact USA has announced their intention to bid for the 2011 Trophée des Champions and bring this prestigious cup to South Florida in 2011. “This is a great opportunity for South Florida to host a world-class event,” says Contact USA head Franck Bondrille. “The market has the potential to be one of the top soccer markets in the country with its tremendous diversity as well the background each of them bring to the game.” Bondrille has been a part of the South Florida community for close to a decade and has been involved with the tourism and entertainment industry here in the United States.

The Champions Trophy is a cup organized by the French Football Federation where the winner of the French Championship (Ligue 1) faces the winner of the French Cup (Coupe de France). This match is the equivalent to the Community Shield in England, the Spanish Super Cup, or the Italian Super Coppa.

Ligue 1 is the French top flight. This league comprises of 20 clubs that play each other in a 38-week calendar. The elite teams in this league constantly find themselves in the mix in international tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League as well as the Europa League. Ligue 1 attracts an audience of well over 120 million television viewers in 150 countries and 43 different languages.

The French Cup (Coupe de France) is a national cup that takes place in different rounds throughout the season. Over 7,000 clubs from France and Monaco take part in this annual tournament in order to obtain a spot in the Europa League.

The French Football Federation decided in an effort to further promote the league abroad they have decided to take the Champions Trophy to Montreal in 2009 where Ligue 1 champions Girondins Bordeaux defeated second division side Guingamp 2-0.

The 2010 edition of the Trophée des Champions is scheduled to be played on July 31st in an African site. The site will be announced in the coming weeks and the primary candidates in the running are Tunisia, Morocco, or Algeria.

South Florida’s committee will begin working towards obtaining the bid as they will be working closely with the entire South Florida community and the industries that make up this market.

Contact USA is a leader in the real estate, tourism, and promotion industries in the United States. With over 15 years experience in the field, Contact USA promote events such as concerts within the United States of some of the top French music acts as well as important conventions. They also serves as consultants and negotiators within the United States of several French and European-based companies that are interested in investing in North America.

For the latest updates on the bid process join our Twitter or Facebook. We are currently working on setting up a website in the coming days.


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