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PSG vs. Toulouse Preview.

Get off your arse and score some goals! Gezzz...

After an impressive week for three of the Ligue 1 teams in European competition, and the final being set in the for the French Cup (with Bordeaux defeating Lorient) we return to another week of Ligue 1 action. And with only 13 matchdays left in the season, we are starting to see what teams really have a shot of being at the top, and being at the bottom.

So, looking at the matchday 25, the best matchup that we have on Saturday is Bordeaux vs. Auxerre. Unfortunately, the match has been cancelled because of the upcoming Champions League match between Bordeaux and Olympiakos. Well, so much for that review.

On the other hand, there isn’t really any ‘huge’ matches on Saturday. The closest thing that we might have to a big match is Paris St. Germain hosting Toulouse for the 9 PM match (Paris time). Both of these teams have loads of talent. And both of these teams were expected to be strong competitors for European competition spots. Yet both find themselves in the bottom half of the table.

This year, Toulouse has been great on the ball defensively. And with the possible return of Yohann Pele this weekend, Le Tef look to add more defensive pressure. Still, the problem for Toulouse has been offense. While they have picked it up a little since the start of the 2010 year, their last four matches (both in cup and league play) has seen their offensive struggle again.

Some of this has to do with the loss to Andre-Pierre Gignac. The French international was injured in a match against Lyon and isn’t expected to return to the lineup for another four weeks. Still, even with Gignac out of the lineup, coach Alain Casanova continues to only play with one striker. In the last two matches Casanova has used both Daniel Braaten and Kevin Dupuis at the striker position. The last time that Toulouse played with more than one player up front was their match against Caen on April 4th, 2009, where Gignac was paired up with Bryan Bergougnoux and Daniel Braaten.

But, like usual, expect Casanova to go with only one up front. And why he isn’t using Luan up front, well, I don’t know.

As for PSG, they have problems everywhere. As far as defense, they have allowed more than they should have so far. And even with Edel playing impressive in goal for the injured Gregory Coupet, their defense (most noticeably Mamadou Sakho who is usually quite good) has been very sloppy.

In addition to poor defensive play, their offense has looked weak in the last few matches. Mulvet Erding continues to be the only offensive player showing up to any of PSG’s matches. Guillaume Hoarau has been quite dismal this season. Ludovic Giuly started off the season well, but has been less than impressive in recent matches. And the rest of the team, honestly, isn’t showing up.

Toulouse has problems, but they seem to have problems that are fixable. But PSG has some huge problems. Is coaching to blame? Who knows, but they really need to find their team identity right now because, honestly, I don’t know if PSG even knows who they are or what they are doing right now. And this is such a shame for a team that started off the season on fire.

So, with that all being said, I could easily see a scoreless draw happening in this match.


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  1. Well, it looks like Kazim-Richards will be up front for Toulouse, which I am glad to see. Even if he is a midfielder, he could do well up front as well.

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