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Latest news : Nice coach Ollé-Nicolle to be fired soon … or not

Power changes hands

According to the latest reports from the French press, Didier Ollé-Nicolle shoud no longer be Nice’s coach by tomorrow. The latest defeat, suffered in a pitiful manner, at home against Nancy decided the board to pursue a new direction for the club. The coach did not take part in practice today, and we are waiting for the official announcement of his dismissal.

The unavailability of a proper replacement at the time means that Frédéric Giora, coach of the reserves, René Marsiglia, head of the academy, and Eric Roy, general manager, will take over on a temporary basis.

Ollé-Nicolle had been on the chopping block for a few months now. Players were able to save him a few time but the inconsistency of the team, as symbolized by a 3-2 defeat against Nancy on Saturday, was the end of the board’s patience. I had posted to my Twitter account the rumor according to which Ollé-Nicolle had resigned immediately after the game. We yet need to see whether DON will be fired, which means reparations for him, or whether he left on his own. I’ll update this post as the news come.

OGC Nice is currently 17th in the table, 1 place and 6 points away from a relegation spot. Their record is 7W, 5T, 15L.

Edit : No official statement from OGCN’s board of directors yet. But they invited the journalists to “see the situation for themselves”, the situation being that Ollé-Nicolle did not take part in the training session of the morning.

Instead of being fired, Ollé-Nicole should be “strategically repositioned” in the club’s organization. Which means that he’ll be put behind a desk where everyone can forget about him and where he can wave goodbye to any responsibility he ever had.

Elie Baup, ex-Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, ASSE coach, has apparently been contacted, and the only answer he could give was “no comment”.

Edit 2 : More explanation as to why Ollé-Nicolle hasn’t been fired. To act as a coach on a Ligue 1 bench, you need certain diplomas that none of the 3 interim coaches have as of yet. Therefore, Ollé-Nicolle will stay and act as the administrative alibi for Eric Roy, until a qualified coach takes over or until Roy gets the required qualification, a lengthy process that he is very unlikely to complete before the end of the season.

This situation is not new in L1 clubs. General managers or assistant coaches have often served as the official coaches on paper, when the de facto coach didn’t have the required diplomas. Recently, Paul Fischer filled in for Pablo Correa at Nancy, and Daniel Jeandupeux for Arnaud Cormier at Le Mans.

I can’t exactly say this will make the situation any better at Nice. Having the disgruntled ex-coach serve as a dead weight in the club’s organization is not exactly what you want in order to win games again, but Nice doesn’t to have too much of a choice here.

Edit 3 : Ollé-Nicolle was officially relieved of his coaching duties this morning. The trio named above takes over. The board has offered the ex-coach an “undetermined position” in the club, which he has apparently refused. That would put OGCN in trouble because of the problem of diplomas that I mentioned above. If Ollé-Nicolle leaves the club for good and Nice has no one with the adequate qualifications on the bench, the club will face €10 000 fines per match. With 11 games left, that would mean a hefty amount of €110 000 to be paid. That is petty cash on the level of a L1 club but losing money this way sounds pretty dumb.


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