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The April 6th Salute for Charlie Davies

Support the man!

This might be a little unusual, but I absolutely wanted to relay the amazing work that The Shin Guardian does in showing support to all US National team players.

Latest in date is an initiative that concerns all of us Ligue 1 fans. FC Sochaux player Charlie Davies was injured last October in a car crash that claimed the life of the driver and left the other passenger and Charlie Davies himself very badly injured.

At first, it seemed like Davies didn’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell to take part in the World Cup. But through hard work, courage and the desire to achieve one goal, his comeback is nothing short of spectacular.

He has started training with the Lionceaux, has been touching the ball and working on his technical skills ; and the moment where he gets to be on a L1 field is closer than ever, and that will cap an amazing comeback story that speaks to all of us.

I thoroughly encourage you to support Charlie Davies in his last steps before coming back to L1 for good. The man is accomplishing something amazing, and even if you are not a Sochaux supporter or a US supporter, you can only be moved by this story of courage.

Here are the support links :

The April 6th Salute for Charlie Davies

– and for all of you who want to work on your French, here is the French version : Le Salut pour Charlie Davies du 6 avril

All credit goes to the Shin Guardian (especially Matthew) and the American Outlaws.

Encouragez Charlie!


4 Responses

  1. Yes, this is great, not just for Ligue 1, but for US Soccer as well. I am not a US Soccer fan, but what Davies had to go through was bad enough. I am glad. Not as much for Ligue 1 or USMNT sakes, but for Charlie sake to be able to move forward and get back on his feet!

    Go #9!

  2. […] taking a page out of Martin from French Soccer/Ligue 1’s book  this morning to recognize both a fellow blog and an outstanding comeback by […]

  3. I’m going to ask Daryl to advertise it on The Offside’s front page- so hopefully that will help as well…

  4. Thanks a ton for helping out Martin, from publicizing in France to translating the French version.

    Well appreciated.
    The Shin Guardian…

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