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Ligue 1 Talk Podcast for May 10th

Well, we were able to get around to another podcast. This week, we just looked over the league in general, and talked about awards that were handed out last week. In addition, we talked a little about the French National Team as well.

Dave Trotter was joined, as always, with Martin Michelot. We were also lucky to have California native-move to France-Marseille supporter Justin, who was able to talk about the great season that Marseille had this year.

We will be publishing our podcasts on Tuesday, as we will be recording them on Monday. In addition to Dave and Martin, we will also have Sarah from The Offside Marseille joining us, along with Justin. We will also have David Shaw, a British Guingamp supporter along with Jennifer from the Bordeaux Offside. So, in future podcasts, we will have a number of different viewpoints, and possibly run two per week. But we will see.


Click here for this week’s podcast!


10 Responses

  1. old podcast you never updated it

  2. Oh ok, thanks. Click on the microphone on the left, and that does have the new link. Sorry.

  3. sorry bud still doesn’t work 😦 now when i click on the link it redirect me to the main page almost as a “reload page”

  4. Yup still not working Dave. Any link you click on redirects you to the page you are clicking from.

  5. Ok, the podcast should be up an ready! I hope. I just tried it and it should be fine. Sorry about the delay.

  6. kool podcast dave i was thinking do you want someone to talk on behalf psg fans or maybe summer transfers or french national talk route to south africa etc… let me know

  7. Yes, I am totally looking to get a PSG person, as I will be seeing them play against Chicago next week 🙂 I want to go for the French team but, damn, I hate PSG!

  8. dave , lets setup a time talk and exchange some ideas over the phone drop me an e-mail

  9. You got it, I will send up an email tomorrow. I think we will have to have a two-part podcast now.

  10. thanks dave looking forward to hear from you soon

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