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Hello everyone! Well, a Ligue 1 team is finally on US soil. And, luckily for me, they are in my hometown of Chicago. Tonight, Paris St.-Germain will take on the Chicago Fire. I don’t know what the availability of the game is on PSG TV or anything, but I will be doing a live blog of the game to let you know what is happening.

Right now it is on hour before the game, and I did see Melvut Erding on the field (I think). So he at least made the trip with his player. But stay here for all the news on the game!

Go….oh, I don’t know…It isn’t Paris FC 🙂

Here is the Cover It Live Blog of the game.


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  1. In addition to the Live Blog, I will be putting responses on this page so that we have ‘documentation’ of the game.

    Oh, and the podcast will be up tomorrow people, promise!

  2. No french TV will broadcast the game (PSG TV will only post a summary after the match).
    It’s a great idea to live blog it but is there any chance to find a stream ? I’ve heard the game would be broadcasted on an american channel.

  3. Ok, disregard the live blog, I am going to do everything from twitter and on here!

  4. Game underway, Chicago starts off things.

  5. Game is starring off slow. Fire started the tempo, but PSG now in control. A few good touches from Giuly.

  6. Fire showing PSG a little bit of offense. Ceara coughed up the ball twice in his own zone, and Nyarko pounced on it both times. Makelele forced a corner, but nothing happened. Still 0-0 in the 10th minute.

  7. Giuly just had a chance on goal. Looks like Giuly might be their biggest offensive threat to start off. They have been playing the ball more on the right side.

  8. GOAL PSG! 14th minute. Giuly come up the right side, instead of shooting it, passes it to the center to the head of Jeremy Clement. 1-0 PSG.

  9. Giuly tries another chance to Hoarau, but Fire keeper Sean Johnson gets on top for the save.

  10. In the 22nd minute, and PSG is still looking good. Giuly is doing most of the offensive pressure and might be the player of the match as of now, but way too early to tell. They are on Sessgnon like white on rice!

  11. 29th minute, Jallet (the offensive powerhouse) come on for Giuly. Great game for Giuly while he was in. He looks injured.

  12. Sessgnon with a chance, but stopped by the Fire defense. Fire have done very little this game.

  13. 34th Minute – collins John in for Julio Martinez.

  14. Kezman pacing around, the Serbian fans going nuts!

  15. 40th minute – missed chance for Clement as he had an open 1-1 with the keeper, but passes to an offside Hoarau instead. Still 1-0.

  16. 41st – Sessgnon with a nice pass to a breaking Armand, but Armand slips.

  17. We are at halftime and the score is 1-0 for PSG. PSG could honestly be up by a score of 3-0, but sloppy play prevented the other possible two goals.

  18. We are in the 55th minute, and the game is starting off slow in the second half. Doesn’t seem to be any subs at the half.

  19. Here are some stats from the first half, Shots PSG 3 – Chicago, Fouls Chicago 5 – 3 PSG, Corners Chicago 2 – 1 PSG, Offsides PSG 2 – 0 Chicago.

  20. Again, staying really quiet so for, but Chicago is showing more pressure this half than they did in the second. 3rd sud, Maurice in for Hoarau.

  21. This has actually been a ‘friendly’, not that much contact. Very sportsmanlike.

  22. PSG is just playing a game of keep-away, but Chicago looking like they are having some good chances.

  23. Jallet was the one that was knocked, he is alright.

  24. In stoppage time and Chicago trying to find that equalizer.

  25. It is over. PSG wins! 1-0 over Chicago. They will advance to the final. Red Star and Warsaw already taking the field.

  26. Need to figure out the problem in converting them, but we will have the post game coach interviews up soon.

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