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Interested in writing for Ligue 1 Talk

Hello everyone. As of recent, it has been mostly me and Martin writing the stories about Ligue 1. We would like to expand our writing corps to people who are interested in Ligue 1 and are knowledgeable on the subject of French football and the league in general.

We are also looking for people that are interested in being ‘team specific’ writers as well. In the past we have had people that have written one or two articles and then have fallen off our radar. We are looking for committed writers who know their stuff.

Eventually, we will be creating ‘team specific’ pages. But until that time (and until my internet education isn’t at a 1st grade level), we will have everything on here.

But if you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site (at least committed to two stories a week), please email me at dccoulthard@gmail.com.

Dave Trotter – Founder, Ligue 1 Talk


4 Responses

  1. In addition, we are looking to have content in French as well. So, if you can write in French, we would love to have you.

  2. hi dave its me matthieu or in english matthew i wrote back to you for knowing if i could be in your podcast ; please let me know by e-mail or phone lets setup a time and date\


  3. I plan on doing all of the team specific podcast after this weekend.

  4. thanks dave

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