Get over it already

Because we’ll never stop hearing about it, and it makes everyone ever more motivated to take it all :

The Irish are already taking lots of money from the European Union and then hating on Brussels so please, Domenech and other, make it happen that the “guinguers” don’t get the extra cash.

And… the Irish weren’t going to qualify anyway. Remember that. They’re rubbish, at soccer AND rugby.


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  1. no kidding Martin didn’t france bail out the irish and greeks italy etc…..the at least we should get is euro bid for 2016

  2. check this out if the irish would have got a goal it would have went to over time and penalty kicks no one talks about that FRANCE WON CASE CLOSE!

    • That is my argument. I have always said that all Henry’s handball did was not extend the game and PKS, nothing more.

  3. This is like US’s win against England in 1950 or England beating Germany 5-1 in 2001, we will never hear the end of it. MOVE ON!!

  4. Are they still going on about it? LOL… Their advertising people couldn’t think of a better idea to sell flat-screen TVs??

    Football is full of injustices but it gets spread around pretty evenly.

    Even Ireland profited from a very bad call. They got a penalty kick against Georgia, which was completely undeserved. But that’s football.

    The Georgian footballers were probably pissed too, but didn’t make as big a stink out of it.

    Italy should never have continued in 2006 after Fabio Grosso’s dive vs. Australia to get a penalty.

    Moving on…

  5. […] sur lui les foudres de la bien-pensance. Et qu’auraient dit les Irlandais – qui ne se sont toujours pas remis de cette histoire ? Les Français n’assument pas, aurait-on lu, ils ont honte, tentent de faire oublier leur […]

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