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Benzema, Gignac, Taiwo, Trezeguet and Gourcuff changing teams?

Benzema already saying goodbye to Real?

It has only been days since the arrival of Jose Mourinho at The Bernabeu, and the former Inter manager is already talking about doing some wheeling-and-dealing with many teams, including Inter.

According to L’Equipe, Mourinho is looking to bring over defender Maicon to Real, after the player talked of his desire to follow his former manager. In return, Inter is trying to land former Lyon striker Karim Benzema. There is talk of a possible American-style trade instead of doing a transfer, as it would help both clubs out with finances and taxes. Maybe Inter is the fit for Benzema, unlike Real.

The addition of Maicon to the Real will help Mourinho’s defense, which is an area of concern for the new manager. And to address these questions, he isn’t just looking to pick up the Brazilian, but also looking into Ligue 1 as well. One of the players that Mourinho has his eyes on is Marseille defender Taye Taiwo. Mourinho said that one of the main points of concern is the left back position, something that France seems to have an abundance of. In addition to Real, the Nigerian born Taiwo has been approached by Valencia as well. Still, Valencia vs. a Mourinho-lead Real? Really no question there.

There is also talk of another player moving to Madrid, Athletico that is. Former French international striker David Trezeguet is expected to be with Athletico Madrid “soon”, according to L’Equpie. Trezeguet has been with Italian-side Juventus for the last 11 years. And while he is starting to head toward the end of his career, Trezeguet still has some firepower left in his legs.

The ongoing story of “Where is Andre-Pierre Gignac play next season” continues. With most of the talk being centered around Marseille, the team he grew up watching, there is now talk about Gignac going to Valencia to replace departing striker David Villa. Unlike Marseille, Valencia has just netted a huge chunk of change from the Villa deal and should be able to match Marseille dollar-for-dollar on any bid for the Toulouse striker. Still, is all might depend of Olivier Sadran (Toulouse chairman) wants to transfer Gignac to a fellow Ligue 1 competitor (making him a threat to Toulosue), or to another team that Toulouse wouldn’t play. Still, after worries about the value of Gignac being low due to the lackluster, injury plagued season, it seems like both team (along with others, I am sure) are willing to dish out big coin for Gignac.

Finally, in some other news, Jean-Michel Aulas met with Yoann Gourcuff yesterday. Gourcuff has been courted by a number of teams and is expected to leave Bordeaux this season. Still, there is very little news on this front, and Arsenal still seems to be the “so-called favorite” in the race for the French midfielder.


6 Responses

  1. I think OM should sell Taiwo but if the do they have to keep MBia in that backline along with Diawara and Heinze and Bonnart is still there also.

  2. He obviously could easily still leave, but now Maicon is saying he’s respecting his contract (he seems to have recently gotten an extension), and that he never said he was desperate to leave. AS? Misinterpreting quotes? No way!


  3. I don’t think Gourcuff is leaving as of yet; there is nothing in the media that really makes me think that there is any serious interest in him. After the WC, depending on Gourcuff’s performance, we might hear something worth listening to.

    Oh, and Aulas talks out of his ass. It all strategic — nothing serious. If we lose Gourcuff, he sees it as the fall of les Girondins, so he’s trying to bring outside attention to him in hopes of us selling. Aulas is very aware that you don’t find players like Gourcuff everyday.

    tbh, I don’t think Gourcuff has the mentality to lead a large club like Barca, Juve or Madrid, so it’s only natural that the interest is small.

  4. I think Gourcuff is leaving to head to Lyon or Arsenal, his statements of wanting to follow Blanc were code for – get me to a bigger club. He knew that if and when Blanc left it would be to run the national side. No surprise in Benzema leaving Real, I think that move has proven difficult for both sides and with Higuain staking his future with the club I just do not see where Benzema will get playing time. He needs to be somewhere where he will not be planted on the bench if he hopes to continue progressing.

  5. He’s only going to Arsenal to replace Csec and so far they rejected Barca’s offer. Lyon arent gonna blow their entire transfer budget on one player.

  6. I don’t think Benzema will be leaving at all this summer, Benzema is Florentino’s Galactico signing and so is Kaka. Pellegrini was released so easily because he benched both of Florentino’s star signings. You simply don’t do that with his most marketable players. Florentino hasn’t learned from his mistakes, and you can tell. He thinks of the coaches as ‘babysitters’. Yeah, so, Benzema, Kaka, you can forget about it unless they really want to leave.

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