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Bordeaux Season Review Podcast

What went wrong?

Dave Trotter and Jennifer from The Offside Bordeaux discuss this season’s ups and downs.

We look at the highs of the season along with the lows. We not only talk about the regular league season play, but Bodeaux’s Champions League run as well.

We talk about Laurent Blanc and his handling of the situation regarding list leave.

Finally, it is the biggie. The debate that everyone has been waiting for: Dave vs. Jennifer on Chamakh. You might be surprised.


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7 Responses

  1. I can not comment right now but I’ve got to say that Tresh is the best LB in France, and Clichy is overrated. After Abidal and Evra he is untouchable! He deserves to be called up.

    Arsenal only offered 4ME for Chamakh. Gomis went for 17ME. I have to realise my debut article tomorrow or on the 10th.

  2. btw, I love Jennifer’s analysis, I generally agree with everything…

    Dave: “No, I’m sticking with Bordeaux… I’m not changing my prediction” lol. Your a good man.

  3. Jennifer, are you Chinese ?

  4. Yes….I am.

  5. I’m just listening to this now and I think I said you know about 20 times in the first minute. Go me. (I think I was consciously avoiding saying like but I still failed at that.)

    • Dave, feel free to tell me next time that I am saying you know and tremendous WAY too much. God I swear if you had a drinking game based on how many times I say you know alone you can die from alcohol poisoning 10 times over. I swear I do not talk like this in real life, just super conscious of being recorded.

  6. Don’t worry about it at all 🙂 I used to do that all the time as well. But you learn to train it out. I used to do political radio at the University of Utah, and it kind of polished me up. I still can improve, but it just takes time, you know 😉

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