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L’Eqiupe’s readers relegate Anelka, Govou to bench

Well, sometimes I think that my thought on the French National Team are totally crazy. I often wonder if I am making my point right, or am I way out in left field.

The most recent thing that I was wondering about was my constant nagging about Nicolas Anelka. I have been saying that he should start from the bench, basically because he didn’t prove that he should be in the starting XI. Yes, he did have a good game or two in qualifying. But I insist that Anelka is only about himself, and not the team.

His constant ball-hogging in the first game proved my point. He played horrible. And, yes, there might have been a lot of defenders on him, but to me, that is no excuse. Other players had defenders on them as well.

So, as I woke up this morning, I was glad to see the results of the most recent poll on L’Equpie, which the magazine asks their readership who they think should be in the starting XI.

And guess who didn’t make the lineup? Yep, Nicolas Anelka. I guess I am not the only one that is “crazy”.

Here is the lineup most French would like to see against Mexico, according to L’Equipe’s readers:

Lloris, Sagna, Gallas, Abidal, Evra, Toulalan, Diaby, Ribery, Gourcuff, Malouda, Gignac.

In addition to Anelka saying buh-bye, Sidney Govou is taken out of the lineup as well. L’Equpie readers favor of Gourcuff in central midfield, Malouda on the left and Ribery on the right. They also support Andre-Pierre Gignac as the striker up front.

Ah, yep! That is pretty much the lineup that I have been advocating for the last few days. Ah, thank god I am not always as insane as I think I might be.

Basically, it is amazing that I, a lonely American living in southern Illinois (aka hell) can get it right, yet Miss Cleo cannot. Hopefully, Domenech will read L’Equipe today.

Oh, and to our international readers who don’t know Miss Cleo, just Google her.


2 Responses

  1. It is absolutely maddening watching Anelka refuse to work hard for his national team – and at the WORLD CUP, ffs! He’s at the WORLD CUP representing his country – and he simply won’t fight for his team.

    At least Govou fights.

    Anelka should simply not be there because of his lazy attitude.

  2. Kind of my feeling as well.

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