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Is Anelka buh-bye??

Is Nic packing his bags to head back to South London?

I am going to make this short, because I have to go to a funeral in an hour and a half, but while I was driving my car (which I rigged my computer to get French radio), I heard some news.

It seems like Nicolas Anelka, and his ego, seems to get getting a little to large for Raymond Domenech.

Reports coming from L’Equipe and other news sources are saying that Anelka and coach Domenech had a rift during the halftime of the Mexico match, which saw him replaced. As of now, Anelka seems to have been kicked off the team. We know that Anelka didn’t attend the most recent practice for France.

Also, according to L’Equipe, the FFF hasn’t confirmed that Anelka is off the team, suspended, or whatever.

Still, it has been my opinion from the beginning that Anelka has been a cancer on the team, only looking after himself and not a team players. For some reason, Domenech excluded Karim Benzema from the team for this exact reason (we assume), yet Anelka seems to have to same problem.

In addition, it would have been nice if Raymond Domenech noticed this cancer ahead of time. Maybe Laurent Blanc will? We shall see sooner than any of us wanted to, as promotion to the knock-out stage of the World Cup is very, very slim.
Again, I am at a funeral right now, and don’t know how much I will be able to keep you up to date on this information, but as of right now, it looks like Anelka is gone.

According to Europe 1 Sport, Andre-Pierre Gignac is expected to be his replacement.


4 Responses

  1. I commented on the France WC Blog but I’ll do it here as well. I think Anelka’s character and lack of enthusiasm throughout his club career is disgusting (I followed Real Madrid very closely). I’ve never liked him, and this is an example why.

    Seriously, saying “fuck you dirty son of a bitch” to a guy who is almost 20 years older than him. The man who decided to put him through his first World Cup, which reminded him that he was on the EdF. Does that not shock you? There’s not a slight lack of respect and education here? Anelka did not act like scum?

    And all this, considering his performance for EdF for months and months. What he says to Domenech is uncalled for. This guy should have never been in the group!

  2. I think that Anelka is an easy target, while that does not take away his actions, based on what is coming out of the France camp the reason he was sent home was not what he said but that it got leaked into the media. Again by no means is Anelka free of criticism and maybe post World Cup we will learn more about the truth.

    To me all this does is show once again the fact that Domenech has lost complete control of the team. I also think we need to blame the federation and Escalettes in particular for sticking with this bumbling fool.

    It is a shame. But come Wednesday the keys are given to Laurent Blanc and the healing will begin. More of my ranting about this bs – http://bit.ly/aZM8vU

  3. By saying “Anelka is an easy target” mean that someone else should be taking the blame for his actions?

    Sorry, I think that is absurd. “The reason he was sent home was not what he said but that it got leaked into the media.” Then may I ask, what was the reason for him being sent home, because his words were leaked to the media? He out right refused to apologize for his actions; by that, I take it that he had already made his decision to go home. He has a big ego; he was wrong; he has disrespectful. That was an absolutely disgraceful display of professionalism. There is no excuse for that, none whatsoever.

    I think many of the players have been unfair to Domenech,. Yes, he’s stupid. Who can deny that? But as a player, you have to respect the coaches decision or quit. You don’t have the right to verbally abuse someone like that. Anelka is a grown man not a boy.

    What saddens me even more is that Evra was totally wrong in his communication and is ultimately not smarter than others. Instead of denouncing the unacceptable act of Anelka, he turned our attention to “a traitor among us”. Incredible! The culprit of a murder is not the murderer, but the person who testifies!! The IQ of some of those players is inversely proportional to their salaries and their egos.

    This EdF, the coaching staff, the FFF have been a embarrassment!

  4. It might be worth having a look at

    Interesting insight into Anelka.

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