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Valentin storms off, more news on France in South Africa

Yesterday, we were shocked by the announcement of Nicolas Anelka was kicked off the team.

Today, we have been shocked by more information that Jean-Louis Valentin, France’s team director, stormed off the pitch during practice on Sunday after an issue with team trainer Robert Duverne. According to the Associated Press, Duverne was involved with an argument with French coach Raymond Domenech, while L’Equipe says that the argument was with French captain Partice Evra. Early reports say that the Evra argument seems to be the most likely scenario, as the AP is only one confirming a Duverne vs. Domenech exchange.

“It’s a scandal for the French, for the young people here. It’s a scandal for the federation and the French team,” Valentin said, according to the Associated Press. “They don’t want to train. It’s unacceptable.

“As for me, it’s over. I’m leaving the federation. I’m sickened and disgusted,” Valentine continued.

Supposedly, this is how everything went down, according to compiled reports. The team bus arrived at practice, and while Duverne was putting down cones, he and Evra started getting into an argument. This was followed by Duverne throwing down his whistle and credentials badge, and saying he was done. Soon afterward, Valentin left the practice field, saying the statement that was mentioned above, getting in his car and driving away.

After this, both the team and Raymond Domenech re-entered the team bus. With the curtain’s drawn, the players (which ones, we don’t know) spoke of their disgusts with the FFF. Evra then handed a letter to the chief press officer of the team, explaining that “all players without exception want to declare their opposition to FFF decision to exclude Nicolas Anelka,” according to The Daily Mail.

This is still a very fluid story, and more should be coming up in the next few hours. but as of now, it is nothing short of chaotic in the French National Team.


13 Responses

  1. Just saw on a Twitter feed as well that Domenech was excluded from the team bus on the way back to the hotel.

  2. First the bullying, then the loss, then Anelka excluded, then the traitor, then the fight on the plane, then the Ribery crying, then the altercation, then the resigning, then the refusal to train b/c of Anelka, then Anelka still in South Africa, then the Doms not on the bus…did I get the timeline right?

    Really, you won’t see more drama even on a reality show!

  3. Hilarious.

  4. We need Blanc now. Domenech is no longer a good “manager” (like we didn’t know that already).

  5. He was never any good. Talent alone got them through to the final last time. Never seen so much talent wasted, but I gotta say even as someone who is a bit of a Francophile I’m loving the drama.

    • True, but like I have said in past podcasts, Zidane was the real “manager” of the team, while Domenech just wrote up the lines.

  6. Bring in Blanc immediately and let him take over the coaching reins NOW. This team is a disgrace. French football is becoming the laughingstock of the world, which is so disappointing in that Ligue 1 teams did well in Europe this year and the league is financially stable.

  7. Well, in defense of Ligue 1, it is the non-Ligue 1 players that are causing all of these problems. Hopefully Blanc will be more favorable to L1 players.

  8. i guess that it was Domenech that actually read the statement. Now this has just become an issue of embarrassing Domenech, which I blame Evra for 10000%. Here is the video of the statement about the team’s opposition to Anelka being excluded from the team.


  9. Here is also the video of Valentin quitting as well.


    In recent news, there is talk that Evra accused Duverne as the one that revealed what happened in the locker room at halftime during the Mexico game, which lead to Anelka’s dismissal. Evra just said in this evening’s press conference that he did not accuse Duverne and that such accusations were flat out wrong.

  10. What about the whole team flies back with Anelka and let the Irish play instead, these guys would have done anything to take part to the #worldcup unlike this bunch of prima donas, spoilt brats and other pimps…

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