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Ligue 1 Talk Podcast for June 25th

Well, after two weeks of hell, the nightmare that is the French National Team is finally over.

Dave, Martin, Sarah and Justin talk about the events that lead up to one of France’s worse showings in a World Cup.

We discuss the player attitudes, including the good and bad aspects of certain players.

In addition, we look at what Laurent Blanc needs to do in order to change the team around.

Finally, since we can no longer go for France, we tell you who we are supporting in the next round of the World Cup.


Click here for the podcast.


One Response

  1. Bravo guys and Lady!

    umm, I don’t want to see Ribery play for us again. He lacks maturity for me, and doesn’t seem to be a good leader. I don’t like. Everybody agrees about Evra. Malouda? Definitely would like him to continue…

    Our young guys, I think, don’t have enough European experience; I can even go as far as say UCL experience, which is a problem for me. I think our players need to be competing constantly at the highest level so that they’ll be able to cope with the pressures presented to them in WC and EUROs. They need to be able to play at high the highest levels making the fewest mistakes possible. Players like Marveaux, Gameiro, Ruffier, M’Villa, Briand, Ciani, Rami, Remy, Hoarau need this experience, and the latter four are on the wrong side of 23. I think it was to late for Gignac…

    Blanc is going to have try to give us some experienced veterans on the pitch to be leaders, but he must try to rely on the youth. Domenech, i think, has ruined our youth by depending on the older generation from 1998-2002… I’m not very optimistic.

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