Will Kevin Gameiro be left out in the cold?

Could Gameiro turn in his blue, white and red for Portugal green and red?

It is very early into the transfer season, but still we are starting to see which players will benefit. More importantly, we might see which players suffer as well.

While transfers can make or break the careers of players that are involved with the transfers, rarely do we see any analysis of the players that weren’t involved with a transfer, but will still suffer from a specific player being transferred. Did that make sense?

Well, with some concrete signings already taking place, and some strong, credible rumors already swirling around, it is easy to see that many talented players will be left in the cold. Kevin Gameiro might be one of those players.

As most of you know, I have been talking up Kevin Gameiro all year long. I think he has the speed and agility to not only be a star on any club team, but the French National Team as well.

But at Lorient, Gameiro is starting to see a team crumble around him. Going into last year, they looked like a team that could make a strong run at a European competition position. And for a while, they did. But in the end, they faltered.

Going into this season, I figured that Christian Gourcuff would want to strengthen his team to make a push into the top six spots. But it seems like the opposite is happening. Marama Vahirua is now at Nancy, giving that team a little extra firepower that they need. Defender, and team captain, Sylvain Marchal is now at Les Vert to help get that team back on track. And from what we hear, Laurent Koscielny us just waiting for the ink to dry on his new deal that would see him move the English giants Arsenal (which should hopefully help Koscielny start seeing some time on the French National Team).

With three major components now gone, will Kevin Gameiro be able to hold the team up? It would be easier if the team lost just one key player, like the situation that we currently have at Bordeaux (which might even change), losing only Chamakh. But when you lose three key players without having any possible replacement for those players (like Lyon usually does), then you have to wonder if it is curtains for Lorient.

At the end of last season, we started to hear more about Gameiro being the replacement for Chamakh at Bordeaux. But in recent weeks, all news about a possible Bordeaux move seems to have been silenced. Still, maybe “rumors” our out there. In the last 24 hours even, we hear of a possible Marseille move, but who knows. Seems like every striker and his mother are being linked to Marseille in recents weeks.

So, for right now, Kevin Gameiro might be on a losing team which might hurt any chances he will get with the French National Team. While Vahirua’s replacement might come in the form of Sigamary Diarra (who showed some decent play this year), replacing the two departing defenders will nearly be impossible for Lorient.

With Gameiro being on a possible losing team, another question has to come up…his nationality. Many of us have talked about Gameiro being a member of the 2010 World Cup team, and thought that he should at least be given some consideration. Still, Raymond Domenech didn’t even consider the Lorient striker.

And what is France’s loss could be Portugal’s gain.

While France and Portugal have to somewhat be considered equals on the international scene, Gameiro’s grandfather is Portuguese, which, I hear, gives him the possibility to play for Portugal. Would Gameiro consider turning in the Blue, White and Red for Green and Red? Well, he certainly has the opportunity to make that move. I guess we just need to see what Blanc’s move is as well.

So we will see what happens in the coming days. Will he go to OM? Or will Gignac? Or will Jelen? Or will any other the strikers we hear go there? I’m sure one will, just don’t know who it is.

In the coming days, we will be examining the situation at other clubs as well.


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  1. Interesting thought on the striker playing for Portugal. I had not heard any rumblings about him even considering the move. I have a feeling that Blanc will at least take a look at him. I am sure having managed in Ligue 1 will have given Blanc more insight into Gameiro’s game. I would be more concerned with Koscielny and if he will be called up for Poland. He has never featured at the youth level for France and with both nationalities might see a better avenue for him to play for Poland. Throw into the mix the fact the Euros will be co hosted by Poland he might see it as a guarantee of international play. The move the Arsenal will obviously thrust him into the big lights of the EPL making him even more attractive to a push from the Polish federation.

  2. I just hope that Koscielny realizes that is only real chance at international play would be the Euros and that is about it. Someone will eventually have to replace Gallas and Abidal. I mean, Planus and Ciani are good replacements. But Koscielny could easily compete with those two for the starting position on the French team in 4 (or even 2) years time. Also, Escude and Squillaci are around 30 years old, and I highly doubt Blanc will want 2 34 year old defenders for the next World Cup.

    Bringing in Koscielny now would be a great move for the French team.

  3. Hey Dave, glad you brought up the subject of Kevin Gameiro, but since the Portugal connection is a bit of a stretch, I’ll stick with the Marseille angle.

    Lorient isn’t going anywhere, at least not immediately. They would clearly have to rebuild a team around him , and that takes time.

    Marseille offers any player the immediate prospect of Champions League football, a chance to be coached by the great Didier Deschamps, a chance to partner with, dare I say, some of the best defensive and midfield players in Ligue 1.

    Deschamps, under authorization from OM, did send out highly-publicized offers to strikers Roque Santa Cruz, and Diego Forlan. As we both know, they’re both still playing in the World Cup in South Africa, and highly coveted by DD.

    Marseille will only have 3-4 incoming transfers this summer, confirmed by ownership and management.

    The signing of “Azpi” (César Azpilicueta) is one transfer, so OM has 2-3 left?

    Where Kevin Gameiro comes in is because I personally believe OM will have to use it’s other transfers to cover losses at other positions and they’ll only have one (1) spot for striker. No wonder DD is shooting for the moon, trying to get Roque Santa Cruz…

    Gameiro is coming off a positive season for a disappointing team. He’s been challenging Mamadou Niang for top scorer and has been cautiously and openly hoping for strong interest from Spanish and English clubs througout the year.

    It was a shock to me that he suddenly came out in the press basically saying “Pick me!!” to OM. He’s trying to get DD’s attention, perhaps because he’s not gotten the lucrative offers from abroad that he was hoping for, or because he’s still hoping for them. A transfer to Marseille and good performance in the Ligue and Champions League could raise his stock for the next time he goes looking for the big money.

    I’m not sure he’s Marseille’s top pick, but the fact that he’s speaking to La Provence is telling.

    Freshly dumped out of the World Cup without scoring a single goal, disppointed Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino most recently said no to OM with an anti-French, anti-Ligue 1 insult.

    Who knows? Gameiro? If OM lacks a better option, he could be a good fit. Perhaps he was ready to leave Ligue 1, but maybe he’s turning towards Marseille because confidence there is high, and he wouldn’t be the first guy to use Marseille as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I’m almost certain that he’d be a better strike partner for Mamadou Niang than Brandao, and now that the Marseille midfield is clicking, there’d be someone to get him the ball.

    If he’s left out in the cold, well, that’s life. We don’t know what will yet happen with Lorient. Maybe they can be competitive, at least at the mid-table, next season, but they’ll have to do some more addition, and less subtraction, in the coming days in order to stand a chance at keeping up with the big clubs in France…

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