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Mercato killing some teams. Will others join them?

Is Loic Remy Chamakh's replacement at Bordeaux?

It is that time of the year where we hear all the rumors. Ever Ligue 1 player and their mother is going to West Ham. Hatem Ben Arfa is going to Bordeaux, PSG, Turkey or somewhere else, and ends up staying at Marseille. Basically, most of what we hear during this transfer-rumor time is, well, crap.

So, instead of talking about who “might” be going where (which I will still talk about, oddly enough), we will instead look at the moves that have already happened.

There are four groups of teams in this transfer season. First, you have those who are getting better. AS Monaco is already starting to make some positive moves (acquiring Petter Hansson and Daniel Niculae) and are looking like one of the most improved teams already. We also have those teams who have made moves, but really haven’t become better or worse. Lyon fits in this group. While Sidney Govou is gone, Jimmy Briand is going to be his natural replacement (I assume). Therefore, they haven’t had any big moves to make them better (which they really don’t need).

On the other hand, you have two groups of teams that are on the downturn. You have those teams who are on the verge of falling apart. And, finally, you have teams that have totally fallen apart. These are the teams we will be looking at in depth.

First, lets look at the teams that might be falling apart.

The first team that is constantly mentioned in this category is Bordeaux. Sicne not qualifying for European competitions and the loss of Laurent Blanc and Marouane Chamakh, everyone thinks that every Bordeaux player will bolt from the team and Les Girondins will be left for nothing. But I beg to differ.

Maybe people are saying that Yoann Gourcuff is gone. Recent rumors have him going to Lyon. Still, we have no idea if this will actually happen. We really don’t know if Gourcuff will leave at all. But if he does leave, many people think this will be the beginning of the end for Bordeaux. But not so fast. With the money that Bordeaux could make off of a Gourcuff transfer, they could easily acquire two players that are on their radar, Yohan Cabaye and Loic Remy. And while these players might not be as well-known as Gourcuff and Chamakh, they are easily adequate replacements for both players. Unfortunately for Bordeaux, they didn’t learn this lesson while they still had Chamakh on contract.

Another team that might suffer from transfer blues is Lille. We already mentioned the possible move of Yohan Cabaye. In addition to Bordeaux, other reports have him moving to Spain as well. Still, the possibility of Cabaye moving in the next few months in pretty high. In addition to Cabaye, Robert Vittek is rumored to be moving after scoring 3 goals in the World Cup. Ludovic Obraniak is rumored to be moving the Auxerre. Alain-Pierre Frau is rumored to be moving as well.  With those three players gone, Lille’s offense could suffer. Basically, Gervinho and wonderboy Eden Hazard will be their only offensive firepower.

Ok, I said I would only going to talk about moves that have already happened. I guess I lied!

In addition to Lille and Bordeaux, Champions League bound Auxerre might suffer some big losses as well. So far, the team has already lost some of their offense with the departure of Niculaue to Monaco. But throughout the Mercato, star striker Ireneusz Jeleń has been rumored to be moving to a number of teams, including Marseille and Bordeaux. While we don’t know if he will move quite yet, the Auxerre offense has tried compensated for the loss of these players with the acquisition of Anthony Le Tallec from Le Mans and the return of Steeven Langil from a loan to SM Caen.

But if Auxerre were to lose Jelen, it would be hard for either Le Tallec or Langil to make up the difference. They could easily be the worse offense in all of Ligue 1.

These are a few of the teams that might suffer due to the current Mercato. While they are only a few moves from disaster, they are also only a few moves from being in the Champions League as well. We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the team that look to be heading down the tubes. And, yes, one of them was last year’s big surprise.


10 Responses

  1. PSG is making the right moves, right now….but let’s see what they’re losing….

  2. Yeah, a PSG side that looks like:

    and with Makelele, Giuly, Luyindula, Jallet, etc. coming off the bench…

    Might do very very well. I particularly like having Sessegnon and Nene manning the wings. Thats rather alarming.

  3. I guess Jallet’s days of attacking are over then lol.

  4. Ive seen Liverpool linked with Gervinho and Taiwo and I thought they had little money to spend.

  5. They’re also linked with Park too, I forgot. 7m bid I read. I thought they had to sell before they can buy ?

  6. GOD NO! Please, no more players going to England to ruin their career!! And, or all teams, especially Liversausage! Arsenal and Chelsea I can live with, but that is about it.

  7. Dave – going to England doesn’t ruin every player’s career. You’re being blinkered. Zubar to Wolves has proven a brilliant move for all involved.

  8. Well, it is easier for someone like Zubar to be seen at a place like Wolves than it is at, lets say, Marseille, where he wouldn’t start.

    Still, I rarely see when a player moves to England and it actually improves their career. Yes, for someone like Anelka, who has just moved mostly from one EPL team to another, he will improve within that sphere on influence. Yet, see him on the international level and he is horrible. I don’t know if Anelka could even be a striker on Marseille, Lyon or hell, even PSG.

  9. PSG still need help on the back line. I don’t think they will get it until next year when Kezman and Giuly come off the books.

    • Sakho’s only gettin better, and Bodmer is defensive help. He can be deployed at CB. Tripy Makonda is also waiting in the wings, along with Lucien Owona Ndong.

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