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OM Transfer Update – Part 1

I love this time of year as a Marseille fan. Firstly, it’s never dull, usually a new manager is looking to stamp his mark on the team so there’s lots of action. Secondly, we’re always linked to Didier Drogba. I like Didier and have massive respect for him as a player and as a man http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2007/07/ivorycoast200707, and I’m sure one day he’ll return to OM, if not, oh well, but it’s fun to hope. Thirdly, I’m really enjoying this year as we really seem to have a plan of attack. Fourthly, we’re linked with all sorts of silly names, who excite but rarely arrive.

Firstly, to those who have departed. Laurent Bonnart will be missed, having not renewed his contract, however I suppose it’s good business sense given his age and wage demands (and who OM have replaced him with, but we’ll get there later). Bakary Kone has gone to the Gulf for a reported 4 million Euros. Sadly he probably will not be that big a loss, I always thought he operated better in systems with 2 up front (rather than Deschamps’ preferred 3), however his pace, agility, mesmeric skill and (lack of) size made him one of my favourite players to watch. I remember it was rumoured Gerets had said something along the lines of “Get me Kone and I’ll get you the league), it didn’t happen, and he missed out on the Cote d’Ivoire’s world cup squad. I hope he does well in the Gulf and makes a lot of money.

Two of my disappointments from last year (but for differing reasons) have also left. Cyril Rool’s contract has expired was an odd one for me, a journeyman 34 year old full back who barely played and was way down the pecking order, whose signing confused me at the time. However, i suppose we’re not paying wages anymore so that can only be good. Morientes has also left, his contract terminated, after a very dissapointing season. I thought he’d add a touch of class leading the line, but he was, unfortunately, off the pace and didn’t have a good time of it. Again, this will hopefully free up some of the wage budget and I hope he finds pastures greener than the bare patch which metaphorically describes his time in Marseille.

Charlie Fomen has been loaned out to Ligue 2’s Dijon, and Garry Bocaly has, after being loaned to Montpellier, made that a permanent move. These two didn’t have that much of an impact last season so will be not so sorely missed.

There is speculation that Taiwo will go, which makes sense given the impending expiry of his contract and Heinze’s good performance at left back last season. The talk on LePhoceen.fr is of Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and of Spurs (continuing the theme of good players at French clubs jumping across the sleeve), and that OM have set an asking price of 10m Euros. Given he is out of contract in 12 months and we have Heinze play on the left side of defence, letting him go for between 5 and 10million would make sense to me. I’d hope that there would be no other departures, however many other names have been linked with a move away, from Ben Arfa to Brandao and interestingly Niang to Andre Ayew (both of who i really, really hope stay). Next up I’ll have a glance across those arriving.


2 Responses

  1. Didn’t Rool arrive before Heinze? My impression (and I don’t follow OM closely, so I could be totally wrong) was that he was going to be the reserve left back, bu that Heinze’s arrival scuttled that plan and completely eliminated him from the pecking order. My guess is that, despite the trophies, he regrets his decision to leave Nice, a club where he was well-loved and well-established, and who are in many ways still looking for a replacement.

  2. Hi Martha, yes, you’re right, he signed about a fortnight before Heinze. However, I’m not sure I even agreed with that thinking at the time. Reserve left back could have been Bonnart with Kabore slotting in on the right, or one of the promising young defenders. Also, remembering, Heinze was signed as a centre back.

    Rool never did anything to alienate me, always seemed a pro (not always what happens with OM players) and I hope he played a part in squad morale and off field activities. I’m disappointed if this has hurt Nice, but I’m sure that to win trophies at this stage of his career will give him at least some satisfaction.

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