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Rumours of (very expensive) Drogba to OM

Source: http://www.lephoceen.fr/depeches-OM/mercato-l-om-a-contacte-drogba-20356

According to France Football OM have been in contact with the “idol of 2003/04” Didier Drogba. This was ably predicted yesterday or the day before on this site. I don’t think it will happen, if it does I think the victory will be Pyrrhic, with a cost of Niang, Ben Arfa and/or Cheyrou. To lose those for a 32 year old is madness, however, for 700 000 Euros a month (after tax) and a transfer fee of 15 millino Euros, the man might be ours. I told you this time of year was fun.

In other news, AS Monaco have apparently offered 6 million Euros for Brandao, which was refused.


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  1. I’d rather have Klose if we’re talking about 32 year old strikers.

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