No Matchday 14 Preview, and other things…

Was going to put in a photo of Vinnie Jones (don't know why), but decided to keep it French instead.

Hello everyone. Now that my political mind has finally stopped spinning, I can get back to writing about French football.

I will admit, there was a time where I was thinking about not writing about football anymore. But after our feature in L’Equipe and Canada’s Inside Soccer, it has given me the rejuvenation I need to continue. Therefore, I will be back to writing on this site on a daily, or nearly daily, basis.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a political junkie, as I used to be a campaign consultant. So when any election comes around, I am in full election mode. Election Day is like Christmas, the Super Bowl and Boneless Wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings all rolled into one. And with how f’*cked up this election was, I was working overtime on my political blog The Political Hurricane.

But before I get back into writing, there are two main things that I need to do.

First, I have to get the logo fixed. A few months ago, I wanted to update our logo by removing Raymond Domenech and adding Laurent Blanc. I was able to do this. The only problem is that I have the old name of the site “Everything French Football” on the logo instead of “Ligue 1 Talk”. I will get that changed as soon as I have my other computer plugged in.

Second, because I really haven’t watched football in the last six or so weeks, I am not in the position to comment on it. I really need to get up to speed on everything and do some studying before I make any previews. I just need to get a feeling for what is going on. Hopefully this will only take a week and I will be back into the grove of things.

So while I am taking this time to “learn” again, I just ask you to be patient. I will be more constructive in the next week, but now, I need to really get caught up. But thanks for reading, even in my absence.


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  1. Now what’s more important? Some little ol’ election thingy in the states, or Ligue 1? We all know the answer!

  2. Honestly, after doing a little “soul searchin'”, I have come up with an easy answer! Ligue 1! Politics here in the US is just messed up. I will continue to do election predictions, but don’t think I want to get into other parts of it anymore.

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