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Poll: Who is the most disappointing Ligue 1 team this season?


2 Responses

  1. I think the answer is clear here, Dave: Lyon! However, as an OM supporter, I think of this as a good thing. Their domination in the league (before Bordeaux and OM changed the tables) was a boring sight – because every season, they were always expected to win and as a lot of people stated, the most interesting race……was the race for second. Now, we have a more open Ligue 1 and other (Non-Ligue 1 loving) people are starting to notice.

    Lyon doing badly? Good! It’s entertaining to see a side with the likes of Lloris, Cris (who was rumored to have a few words for Puel, he said it’s not true – I doubt it), Toulalan, Lopez, Briand, Gomis (who made the mistake of leaving ASSE in my opinion) etc etc sitting at midtable. Now ofcourse Lyon are bouncing back (little by little), but will they win the league this season? Absolutely not. Sure, they’re only a few points away from reaching the pack up top, but this is a Lyon side that has been weakened by its own success. The pressure to win every season, the pressure to do well and not screw up. The pressure of millions of fans breathing down their necks every single second of every single year. The only thing that is keeping Puel in his seat at the moment is the Champions League and as soon as they get knocked out (if they get knocked out – I hope not since I’d like to see our sides do well in Europe), Aulas will get rid of him. Don’t be surprised if he goes before the end of the year either (would be a horrible Christmas gift though!)!

    Enough of Lyon though, another team that has disappointed me slightly is none other than OM! Now as a supporter, you can’t imagine how crazy I went when we won both the Coupe de la Ligue AND the league title last season! It was unbelievable, it was a great feeling. The last time they won the title, I was only a child so when DD (I believe?) said that this was a victory for the younger generations as well, he hit the nail on the spot! But this summer was riddled with crap – Niang leaving first and foremost. We should’ve kept him, he could’ve stayed another few seasons. But no – he wanted “a challenge”. Can someone tell me how on earth is going to TURKEY a challenge? Fenerbache isn’t that special! If a club like Blackpool came calling from England, then I would’ve understood but Turkey? Come on. Pure stupidity on his part, that’s all I have to say. Then the Ben Arfa crap, horrifying. I thought we saw everything we needed to see in South Africa and then that happened. Going as far as to threaten your own club with words like “I’ll retire just so I can break away from you” (not his exact words obviously, but you know where I’m getting at) was ridiculous. It was a clear indication that the player himself is still young, clearly young. I like him on the pitch, but I’ve lost some respect for him after that. I just hope that after his Newcastle experience (which has you all know was dimmed with this BS injury), he will see his ways and stay. However, after what we’ve seen this summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go. It was a moment where you would’ve liked to see Pape Diouf back in the office, because he would’ve handled it more properly than Dassier did. What can you do though, sh*t happens. Then other players were rumored to leave, like M’bia and Taiwo – but I’m glad the situation with them has been regulated. There was alot of debate on the signings of Gignac and Remy as well. Good moves? I said yes straight away because Niang obviously left a big hole up top. Brandao wasn’t going to be the one to save us, not at all! But looking at it now, I wonder how we would’ve done if Luis Fabiano came instead (and DD actually wanted him, he didn’t choose Gignac or Remy!). But I don’t mind, the latter are still young and will find their feet overtime (Gignac especially since Remy has been more performant). It’s these changes (and off field crap) that have caused us problems early on, but I’m still confident that we will bounce back and hopefully win another title in May.

    On a final note, I think that we don’t get the amount of publicity that we actually deserve. People who, like me, have followed the league for years, will know that French football has always been exciting to watch. When I heard that Ligue 1 was going to Fox Soccer Plus, I was angry. FSP isn’t available to everyone. Why give it to them when the people who have stuck with FSC during its shitty existance deserve more? One will never know. Remember the days when Ligue 1 appeared on FSC? Those were the good days. I’m just hoping that I’ll still be alive by the time it comes back! The only reason why I pay attention to the EPL is because of Arsenal. I hate Seria A (and Italian football in general), so I change the channel as soon as that comes on. Then the rest of the crap they have on there is pointless. All I can say is: Thank God for the internet (and the radio) so I can keep in touch with my OM.

    A bientot mon ami and keep up the good work with the blog, it’s brilliant!

  2. WOW

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