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Paris FC hold off charge from St. Genevieve in French Cup.

I haven’t done much Paris FC news on here lately, and I really need to start adding more Ligue 2 and Championnat National news on the site. Therefore, I need to do a little write-up on the most recent match for Paris FC.

Going into the match against St. Genevieve, Paris FC were expected to be the favorites. And even with the return of David Pollet to Lens, PFC has been able to continue providing decent offense. But unlike last year, the scoring is being distributed more amongst other players instead of being centered on one player.

And while PFC were the favorites in this recent French Cup match, St. Genevieve didn’t go quietly into the night. Instead, PFC are lucky to come out of the match with a victory.

Paris was able to score early with a nice free kick by Moroccan Abdelmounaïn El Hajaoui, which curled around the defensive wall and hit the corner of the net. The St. Genevieve keeper was able to make the initial save, but Stephen Vincent was able to tap the ball in for the PFC goal.

Still, the second half gave PFC some problems. Time after time, St. Genevieve were able to put pressure on keeper Vincent De Marconnay. The only problem was that St. Genevieve was not able to finish any of their chances, which flew just a few inches short of the net a number of times.

Even with the win, Paris FC has to be worried about this performance. The left side of the defense, usually anchored by Jeremie Clement, still seems to be a weak spot for PFC. And while the team really needs to get some other players involved in the offense, like Jimmy Roye, the defense should be the key concern for PFC right now.

In addition, it would be nice to see 19-year old Thomas Piaulet Siena get some playing time. I would like to see what the kid can do.

Paris FC’s next league match is tomorrow against Fréjus St-Raphaël, who they should easily beat at the Stade Charlety.

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