Ligue 1 Matchday 15: What did we learn?

Time for Coupet to return to the PSG goal.

First of all, I am sorry that I haven’t written in the last few days. Both work and school set me back, and I had a number of deadlines due today. But anyway, I am back now and ready to write.

So, we had a number of interesting matches last weekend in Ligue 1. From top to bottom, these matches were pretty even, with any team really having a chance to beat any other team. Therefore, it seemed as if we could learn something from this week possibly more than we can in other weeks. But, on a weekly basis, I plan on doing a “what did we learn” section. So, what did we learn in Matchday 15?

1. Marseille are back – after a slow start to the season, Marseille seems to have their stuff together. What they have learned is that they really don’t need Andre-Pierre Gignac to win. What they need is production from Lucho and Mathieu Valbuena along with some stellar play from their defense, which took a blow with Cesar Azpilicueta’s injury, which will keep him off the team for six months.

2. Paris St. Germain are title contenders – at the start of the year, many people said that PSG would be an impressive team. I went as far as to say they could be title contenders. And if PSG goalkeeper Edel didn’t kick the ball straight to Bafe Gomis in the closing moments in their match against Lyon, PSG would be sitting pretty at the top of the Ligue 1 table. Overall, I feel they are easily one of the top three teams in Ligue 1 right now.

3. Bafetimbi Gomis becoming Lyon’s best striker – I know, I will hear a lot of crap about this one. But in their match against PSG, Gomis had much more opportunities than did Lisandro. Are defenders concentrating on Lisandro more, which is leaving Gomis open?  Possibly, but Gomis has always been a good positional player. Even so, it seems as if Gomis has stepped it up a notch in the last few weeks, playing consistently well, while Lisandro has been “average” with flashes of amazing brilliance (which cannot be overlooked).

4. Auxerre needs Jelen and Le Tallec back – this, of course, is a no-brainer, but the absence of these two players has made it that Auxerre has been extremely poor offensively this season. Right now, Auxerre rely on players, like Benoit Pedretti, who isn’t known as a scorer, or Dennis Oleich, who rarely impresses, to produce goals. Le Tallec didn’t make his appearance with the Auxerre reserves last week, which means his return might not be as early as some might have hoped for.

5. Edel needs to be replaced by Coupet, for at least one match – Apoula Edel’s sloppy play against a 10-man Lyon side led PSG to one point instead of three points. Has Edel become complacent in goal, because he feels that he has the number one spot secured? PSG Coach Antoine Kombouare needs to Gregory Coupet start in goal for PSG against Brest this weekend. The switch in goal will do two things. First, it will make Edel realize that there is another world class goalkeeper at PSG. And second, maybe Coupet has improved, and should now be the starter. No matter how you look at it, Coupet in goal for PSG is a win-win situation for Kombouare.

6. Brest aren’t bad – after their match against Lens was rescheduled because of bad weather, Brest were able to destroy Lens today by a score of 4-1. What did we learn from this match? We learned that Brest aren’t that bad of a team. They were able to beat up on a weaker opponent. But all this proves is that Brest won’t be in the relegation zone this year. This weekend, against PSG, Brest will have to prove if they are a good team, and deserve the same praise that was given to Montpellier last season.


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  1. I’ve now seen Gomis play several times this season & am very impressed. He’s a really dynamic player, & when he & Lisandro are both firing on all cylinders they’ll be some duo.

    And that match, Lyon-PSG was something else — great entertainment, and a good advertisement for French football. In fact, most Sundays this season the (one) game of the week I get here in the US has been excellent. Long may it continue.

    • I think the Lyon-PSG match was just as exciting as the Lyon-Marseille match last year, without the ten goals though 🙂

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