Ligue 1 and French Football “Bullet Point” news for Jan 3, 2011.


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  1. I sincerely hope that this rumour about Amalfitano is false. No offense to Amalfitano, but Bordeaux needs Champions League players, we do not, and should not have to recruit an CAM again within two years time. Amalifatano is a good L1 player and would certainly do well in the Europa League, but the UCL is a different competition. I rather we do without an CAM than purchase anyone, like we did this summer.

    Also, Le Parisien has been very reliable in terms of Bordeaux in the past season (I wish I knew the name of the Journalist who bears the news), but I don’t see the logic in this rumour. Just two days ago Triaud announced that we are after Gameiro, now Le Parisien is saying we can’t afford? And how is Amalfitano an alternative to Gameiro when our priority is a goalscorer? We have struggled in every respects to score goals other than from set pieces, is it not logical to find someone clinical in this area before recruiting a playmaker?

    Again, Amalfitano is free in the summer and is able to talk to anyone he likes, why would we pay to have him now when we can move for him in the summer, likewise for Feret? We don’t have the money for another salary for six months, on top of that, a fee for Lorient and then purchase a striker.. Triaud must have lost his doggone mind if this is true!

    1 and 1 don’t add up here; i’ll take this rumour with a grain of salt. I prefer to use Emilio Sala (who is a decent prospect) than go purchase anyone.

    • I totally agree with you on this one. I was looking at the news saying the same thing, that this doesn’t add up.

      What you said at the start is exactly what I said about ASSE in the Mercato preview. St. Etienne needs to find championship-quality players. They have enough “above average” players, but not many that go to the next level. Bordeaux is about to call into that same category.

      • I suppose that’s why you put it at the bottom because it doesn’t

        ASSE have always had a decent team, and in the past few season the relegation battle they were facing, it shouldn’t have been, sort of like PSG. I think they still have to add some reliable players first and make the Europa League a couple times before trying to invest in Championship players.

        Bordeaux is a bit different, besides Lyon and Marseille, no club has been in the UCL more often than Bordeaux in the past decade, and this is even with relegation — that shouldn’t have happened. Bordeaux have had a fairly strong team in the past two years, some really reliable players in Planus, Plasil, Wendel and Chamakh; and game-changers or stars in Tremoulinas, Gourcuff, Diawara, Alou and Carrassso, but the problem is that, when good players leave we sometimes just get anyone thinking they will fill the gap! It doesn’t work that way — it’s regression.

        There was obviously a big problem with the shareholders not wanting to spend and also the analysis, detection and sporting policy of the ‘talent’ brought in. Now we are FORCED to spend TWICE if we want to see the Champions League again. Luckily for us, Lyon and Marseille started very slow, and there isn’t a clear distinction between the top 5 or 6 or we’d be in the position we are now, maybe 15 points behind the leaders and 5 from Europe.

        I couldn’t have stressed it more, how it was so important that we signed Gameiro (who almost guarantees goals) and Cabaye, who is a reliable player, in the summer after Gourcuff’s departure. Infact, I think you have said it just as often as I did. (If I wasn’t supporting the club I would be laughing about how right I was)

        Anyways, Thanks Dave. This is always a good place to let of some supporters rage and even joy sometimes!

  2. I’m a Toulouse fan, so I always look at the gloomy side of everything lol.

  3. lol Don’t worry Dave, we support clubs from the same area!

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