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Ligue 1 and French football “Bullet Point” news for Jan 5th, 2011.


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  2. Both Diarra should leave the club, but it’s not clear when. I think they’ve failed to live up to expectations, especially Diarra I, and it could be about time that they leave. Diarra I rarely plays and Lassana, although in a better position than Diarra I, hasn’t been preforming well.

  3. About Gameiro, I don’t think it’s a flue, and I’m not to sure that Valencia have made an offer, but they have surely spoken with him. I think, Gameiro may be either in protest (Frey not agreeing with Valencias offer) or on his way out (to Valencia or possibly Bordeaux). Bordeaux doesn’t look likely at this point, but who knows?

    Why would Alonso go to AA? incredible news!

    p.s. thank god David Bellion is gone! I hope he does well so we can sell him in the summer.

    • Hell, I don’t watch Spanish football, but might become a Valencia supporter if they just become Ligue 1 Part Deux. Costa, then Rami and now maybe Gameiro. I remember there was some talk during the summer transfer about Hazard being looked at by Valencia as well.

  4. OUF!

    Clubs like this manage to take out best players for pennies and as a result we lose our TV rights and promotion and the competition becomes weaker as a result. Valencia have a debt of over 300M kilos yet they’re still able to take our internationals, and still will never win the league with Barca and Madrid dominating.

    Orange has dropped L1 for next season, and Canal+ after 2012 will not pay more than 400 million, while the premiership is getting more than double, if not triple that!

    I hate Wenger already (refusing to negation fairly with clubs, taking players for free, talking to players behind the clubs back, poaching youngsters etc.), and I’m starting to hate Valencia. Costa was arguably the best CM in the league yet he goes for less then 7M (two of the best Cm, Gourcuff 22ME and Lucho 18ME, had prices triple that), like wise for Rami. Now, it looks like Valencia will again take another players for peanuts as they refuse to pay more than 7 million euros while Bordeaux have offered at least 8M. Gignac was no more than 8M, but he left for almost 18M, Remy, no more than 10ME but 15M and Gameiro 6M? potentially Gameiro equivalent to Villa in terms of talent. No way he should go for less than 9M, tbch.

    Feghouli and Matthieu preferred to sign there than stay in France. Now the former doesn’t play and the latter is useless; he doesn’t play well. Gameiro is a little more ready than these two, but the he has no European experience, like Tino (who has been magnificent), he may see many of the big games from the bench. it also depends on how he adapts…

    rant over, my apologizes Dave. I really have a distaste for how the league has turned out in terms of overall quality. the league is entertaining in it’s own right, but in Europe there has been nothing satisfying in years and we keep losing quality for pennies and we never replace them. it tears my heart out.. remember PSG, Monaco and Marseille of the 90’s, Bordeaux of the 80’s. theses were teams to really cheer for. there was so much hype around Le Classique the 90’s and the late 80’s between Bordeaux and Marseille that the whole of France was talking in anticipation of the games. nothing in comparison to now, everyone watches the EPL.

    btw, Bordeaux and Lyon played the match of the year in the UCL 🙂

    p.s. I actually wanted Matthieu but the emergence of Tremoulias was a pleasant surprise

    • Actually, you are right. I think French teams really need to keep the players in France.

      I guess what it comes down to is just business sense. For example, Jean-Michel Aulas and Bernard Lacombe have figured out the business side of the whole thing. And while teams like Marseille continue to play well, I don’t think they are as smart business-wise as Lyon.

      In addition, Bordeaux has all the makings of a good organization. They could have been the next Lyon, but I think their business sense is very questionable. Like Lyon, they had a good core of youth players that came up through their system. Then they let Chamakh go for nothing.

      I am worried about players like Benoît Trémoulinas. Here is someone that came through the Bordeaux system. His contract expires in 2013. But if Bordeaux misses another year of European competition, I think that hurts the value of any player that Bordeaux wants to sell.

      I really think Bordeaux are at a extremely important crossroads right now. If they want to, they can build the as strong of a team as they had two years ago. They can bring in Gameiro, Cabaye and improve their depth. Honestly, and I know I will get some crap for this, Bordeaux should start looking at replacing Marc Planus. Yes he is good, but I think he and Mathieu Bodmer are in close competition for the “How many weeks in my career can I be injured” Award. I think that is a concern. Maybe Sane is the answer, but I am not 100% sure on that one.

      Still, you are right, teams need to stop selling their players for nothing. And right now, I think that it is just bad business sense (something the French in general have never been strong at).

      It seems as if French teams start with the lowest asking price for a player and work their way up. In the ELP (and Lyon), they seem to start with the highest they will accept for a player and work their way down. Honestly, how Spanish and English teams are spending like drunken sailors, Lorient could easily sell Gameiro for 15 million Euros. Hell, Blackburn sold David Bentley for 15 million pounds. If someone like Bentley can fetch that kind of coin, Gameiro could EASILY fetch it!!

      Still, if Lorient asks for 15 million Euros, that will pretty much only catch the interest of a few French teams, but mostly team abroad. So, I really think it is a Catch-22, which really sucks for the French teams.

  5. I think your right, but recently Lyon haven’t been so great either, they’re turning to more expensive signing when they have options just as good for cheaper. It’s no wonder why they haven’t made that next big step in being a knock out elite in Europe.

    But to be honest, as long as Triaud and M6 are together ,and no sporting director with some insight and experience steps in we’ll continues to make really stupid errors.

    I wont talk about our youth system because I could wright a page and a half and even more, lol

    Its one thing to let Chamakh go; I don’t mind too much, but not to have prepared a replacement is ridiculous. Giroud, I thought, should have been signed in January last year because we needed the reinforcements, the depth and the uncertainty of Chamakh… I was even certain that after Chamakh had rejected the club that Saha or Le Tallec would be prepared… We dragged on so long you’ve got to wonder…

    We have to renew Tremoulinas contract this summer, but I think they will wait until somebody approaches him in 2012… a clause of 10M euros, I think is fair, tbh.

    No, Not Marc Planus! He manages to play a fair number of games per season (25 approx.) and still is very useful and his experience, I think is vital for this club. A symbol! But as you mention it, you’re right. We need a young upcoming promising player to be prepared to replace him as he ages. I think you came close on another point, the injury prone players that haven’t provided anything for us in two years have to go, Henrique and Jussie, namely.

    Sane I like, but I don’t think he someone I would look to long term.

    I would like to talk about the sales part, but it seems a little bit complex. it has a lot to do with evaluation of players, the financial state of the club, whether they want to sell in order to grow or don’t want to sell and want to build around the player, if talks are between direct competition or not. All this can influence the asking price of the club, but it’s very clear to me that many of the clubs in France have a very poor evaluation of their players value and most don’t seem to care about the future of the bright talents either.

    If Nice sold Remy to Stoke City where he went to go visit the facilities, or West Ham. what does that really say about our league and the player?

    Sorry, I wanted this to be a very short replay…

    • Heck, I go off all the time, but usually about politics lol. I think I have come to the point that I know Toulouse won’t do anything more than what they do, so I just sit here and deal with it lol.

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