Coming back….again.

Standing under rotating clouds like this is how I usually spend my April to June time.

One thing that is hard to do in blogging is trying to keep up with articles every day. After a while, you get burnt out and just can’t write anymore.

But anyway, I am going to get the Ligue 1 Talk site up and going yet again. I have been very inactive in this site the last two months because of a number of issues. Work, university, possibly moving, Aussie rules football, NHL playoffs (which I don’t want to talk about right now), Formula 1 and storm chasing all happen be happening at the same time. Therefore, many things compete for my time.

I will be getting the site up and making it just as good as before. The only thing is that there will be less posts. I plan on putting up 2-3 posts a week, instead of one or more a day. Doing this will keep me less burned out. Also, I will be looking for other writers to write about specific teams. Of course, this has been a hard thing to do over the last year and a half, and it continues to be. But hopefully we will start making a breakthrough on this and will start moving forward. I am creating a three-year plan for this site, and hopefully we can hit our goals.

But starting this coming week, Ligue 1 Talk will be up and running again. Like I said, not as many articles, but good content nonetheless.

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