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Ligue 1 Talk Daily News for May 5th, 2011.

Today we are going to start a new format. On a daily basis, we will be offering a 2-4 minute audio news update on our website regarding some news from around the league. We are deciding if we want to do this or to do the news via print. Any feedback from the listeners would be great. Tell us which one you would like better and why. My crappy voice can’t be a reason! But we figured this might be an easier way to get your essential Ligue 1 news for the day, and keep up to date with the sport.

Also,we will eventually have new music to go with it. I went with this music for now because I don’t have anything written yet (even though I do like the background music and written by a great composer as well), but we will have to create one for ourselves because of the alway fun “copyright issues”.

Ligue 1 Talk Daily News for May 5th, 2011. Click here.

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