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Jean Tigana resigns as Bordeaux coach

Jean Tigana resigns as Bordeaux coach.

After Bordeaux’s 4-0 loss to Sochaux at home, Bordeaux coach Jean Tigana has resigned from the team. More news to be coming on this in the coming hours.

According to sources reporting on the situation, Tigana made his decision after his daughter was verbally abused by Bordeaux fans during the 4-0 loss.

Bordeaux, who were in need of a win in order to keep their hopes high for a possible European qualification spot, had the perfect opportunity to take three points at home against Sochaux, the second worse road team in Ligue 1.

Instead, Bordeaux allowed four goals in the first 30 minutes and didn’t show any drive the rest of the game. In addition to the poor play of the home side, players were openly showing their frustration on the pitch as well.

The biggest rift in the match was when defender Michael Ciani was substituted by Jussie after the 4th goal. When returning to the bench, both Ciani and Tigana were shouting at each other on the Bordeaux bench.

We will have more news on the Tigana situation once it becomes available.


6 Responses

  1. disgusting and even laughable. there’s not much more to say.

  2. more or less disgusting than Lyon supporters attacking the Marseille bus with missiles and stones before the match in Lyon? combine that with the ref seemingly favoring OL at every turn (especially in the first 45 minutes), it was pretty bad.

    Tigana decided not to put up with the BS and quit. He tried to quit earlier, and I guess they accepted the resignation this time.

  3. justin please stop your crying! L’om lost fair and square quit your L’om whining!

  4. Matthieu, fair and square to who? A PSG fan? Hah… well if you don’t believe me, why did Canal+, Canal Football Club, L’Equipe, Pierre Menes, and anyone else who really watched the match come up with the same conclusion that it was not fair and square. OM had a perfectly good goal disallowed. Are you going to argue that point? How about the clear hand ball in the box? Or the time the ref moved the penalty to outside the box so all we had was a free kick? The list goes on and on. Try watching it again (and listen to Canal+’s commentary, since you obviously missed seeing the scandalous officiating.

    Pierre Menes (yahoo France):

    Pick up a copy of today’s L’Equipe too. They’re neutral and they mention the BS calls against OM.

    Well I guess the silver lining is that PSG ain’t going to the Champions League. Paris est tragique 🙂

    • Yeah, I think pretty much the Champions League is Lille, OL and OM.

      • lyon are dodgy, we know aulas had money u figure out the rest, LES PHOCEENS may win 1-0 2-1 etc but WITH THAT tiny squad deserve LIGUE 1. bb bat if lille champs!

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