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Ligue 1 & 2 Player award nominees announced.

Did Lisandro Lopez get left out?

Today, the Union Nationale des Footballeurs professionnels made their nominee announcements for their season ending awards of the year. While many of the players on the list aren’t a huge surprise, there were some players that were. Here are the nominees for the upcoming awards.

Best Player : Eden Hazard (Lille), Moussa Sow (Lille), Kévin Gameiro (Lorient), Nene (Paris-SG)

Best Young Player : Mamadou Sakho (Paris-SG), André Ayew (Marseille), Marvin Martin (Sochaux) et Yann Mvila (Rennes)

Best Goalkeeper : Hugo Lloris (Lyon), Mickaël Landreau (Lille), Steve Mandanda (Marseille), Stéphane Ruffier (Monaco)

Best Ligue 2 Player : Benjamin Corgnet (Dijon), Rudy Haddad (Châteauroux), Sloan Privat (Clermont-Ferrand), Sébastian Ribas (Dijon)

Best Ligue 2 Player : Benoît Costil (Sedan), Bertrand Laquait (Evian-Thonon), Grégory Malicki (Angers), Johny Placide (Le Havre)

Best Female Player : Camille Abily (Lyon), Shirley Cruz (Lyon), Lara Dickelmann (Lyon), Elise Bussaglia (Paris-SG)

The biggest surprise of all of the nominees has to be Monaco’s Stephanie Ruffier as Goalkeeper of the Year. While he has had a solid season, there are other players could easily have made this list as well. First that comes to mind is Rennes’ Nicolas Douchez. Allowing the least amount of goals in Ligue 1, many expected Douchez to easily make this list. Along with Douchez, both Bordeaux’s Cedric Carrasso and Jeremie Janot were shunned as well.

As far as the “Player of the Year” Award, all of the nominees are worthy of the award. Of course, there are a few players that have been overlooked as well. The biggest one might be Lisandro Lopez. The defending champion of the trophy last year, Lisandro has put in a solid performance, and his team now looks poised to finish in a Champions League spot.

Another player is Lille’s Gervinho, who has been productive this year in both scoring and distributing the ball. Of course, he has easily been overshadowed by his teammates Moussa Sow and Eden Hazard, and respectably so.

Finally, in the last Ligue 1 category, there is very little debate on the four finalists. All of them have had solid performances this year. Still, Yann Mvila and Marvin Martin have to be considered the front-runners for the award.

Here are the Ligue 1 Talk predictions for the awards:

Player of the Year: Eden Hazard

Keeper of the Year: Mickael Landreu

Young Player of the Year: Yann Mvila (though I think it should be Marvin Martin).

Coach of the Year (when that comes around): Rudi Garcia


2 Responses

  1. Eden Hazard and Mickaël Landreau for sure.

    I think Marvin Martin will deservedly win out over Mvila for the outstanding passing performances all year with Sochaux. Ever wonder how they had such a high goal difference during certain parts of their season. If they didn’t leak so many goals, Sochaux could have easily been competing with Lyon, Rennes, and Paris for a CL spot.

    Too early to vote for Coach of the Year, but it should be Didier Deschamps. Garcia was blessed with a good team that could have made it with a lesser coach. DD had to deal with Mamadou Niang leaving, integrating a whole new strike force, injuries, Brandaogate, Hatem Ben Arfa pulling a South Africa on us and going on training strike. He had to put up with a lot and still managed to get OM on a great unbeaten streak in 2011 (until just now), and we did get robbed by the ref at least three times during OL-OM, including a disallowed goal (which was perfectly good) and a clear handball by Lyon, in the box…

    If the match would have been fair and OM collected all three points, you’d put DD up there, right?

  2. Well, my top three a week ago were Garcia, DD and Antonetti. But with Rennes’ fall from grace, Antonetti is out of the running.

    I think Martin should win, but I think there is more “hype” around Mvila, which is why I think he will. That is the only reason why I think he will win it.

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