Mevlut Erding to Newcastle?

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After the news broke that Kevin Gameiro had signed for PSG, speculation was rife over the future of Mevlut Erding, who had a disappointing 2010-11 (hitting the net only 9 times in 34 appearances) and plays a similar role to the former Lorient man.

Newcastle, who have been linked to seemingly every notable Ligue 1 player in the last few weeks, have thus far failed in their pursuits of France-based attackers, having been turned down by Gameiro and Gervinho in favor of other moves. However, all this may change quite soon, as Erding, whose failure to maintain his prolific Ligue 1 strike rate has made him increasingly unpopular with PSG fans, will most likely not be an asset new PSG owners the Qatar Investment Authority want to maintain.

Erding will no longer be a starter if kept on, as Guillaume Hoarau and Kevin Gameiro would be favored in the attacking pecking order. Having quality on the bench can be excellent, but not when it comes with Erding’s salary. Peguy Luyindula, Jean-Eudes Maurice, and Jena-Christophe Bahebeck already provide backup in the forward position, and PSG are likely to strengthen further, linked with outlandish names like Dimitar Berbatov, Samuel Eto’o, and Diego Forlan, in addition to the more likely Park Chu-Young. Basically, there is no good reason for Erding to stay.

Since his surplicity to requirements has been established, one must examine Newcastle’s interest. This quote from manager Alan Pardew sums up the situation nicely:

“Erding has always been on our radar. He’s a very good player and that is all I will say at the moment. We had a bit of a disappointment with Kevin Gameiro as he has decided to go elsewhere. We made a fantastic offer to the club and to him, but these things happen… We tried very hard on that one, but we always knew there would be setbacks along the way and we have always had other people in mind, deals we have been trying to keep to ourselves for obvious reasons. We are working extremely hard to make those deals happen and I’m pretty happy with how things have gone so far.”

As to financial remunerations, the price that has been quoted as 11 million euros. As a PSG fan of sorts I like that price, for several reasons. First, it’s 2 million euros more than we paid for him, meaning we make a profit off of his time at the club, and second, it’s the same fee we paid for Gameiro, meaning we will have improved our squad without spending any net cash. Good business from PSG.


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  1. Typical EPL move. Buy up all the foriegners you can and hope for a quick fix in order to try to keep yourself afloat because you can’t compete with the big spenders. I dont know anything about Newcastle’s roster and how much they are investing in local domestic talent, but going after all the French players seems like a desperate and safe move to make. Liverpool for some reason seems to be making an effort to invest in British players and thats what I like to see.

  2. sportsboy is 100% per cent right

  3. As much as I hate PSG, their new Qatari petrodollars have been spending well. Since last year, I’ve said all along that all Paris really needed (to become a complete team) was one good striker and a real keeper.

    Edel was a cruel joke, and the statuesque Coupet could only watch former Parisian Gaby Heinze bend that beautiful free kick past him at the Stade Velodrome.

    Erding to Newcastle? Paris should hope to unload this guy, fast, because with Kevin G. up front, Mevlut is surplus to requirements. More importantly, he just wasn’t good the last couple seasons.

    Two PSG supporters I know have been debating whether their team is actually good now, or just good on paper. Yes, “the new Manchester City” or “The Man City of France” seems to come up a lot in conversation.

    Look, even if it took 3 years, City did finish third this past season and have a spot in the Champions League.

    In modern football, big teams are built to “win now” but there are also long and short-term projects that are just as viable strategies to win now OR eventually.

    As for PSG, it’s really too soon to talk about the success of these moves until we see a few league matches in August. Of course, I’m hoping they’re only a “strong on paper” kind of team, but could they be more than just “paper champions”?

    Who knows. I’m looking forward to PSG-OM and OM-PSG, as usual. Hopefully the huge Portuguese expatriate communities in France (including sizable Porto and Benfica-supporting families in the Ile-de-France) will hop on the Kevin Gameiro bandwagon now that he’s home.

    Maybe they’ll help to fill up the anemic Parc des Princes, shorn of its suppoters groups, namely those from the Boulogne and Auteuil sections.

    With all that being said, I hope Marseille beats Paris both legs. That would require plugging a big hole on the left side of defense, left by Gaby Heinze and Taye Taiwo (off to learn some Italian) and making sure we have some guys to shackle Gameiro.

    Forza OM !!

    — Justin (CU’84)
    13005 Marseille

  4. I always thought Erding was technically more skilled then Hoarau. I think it would be a shame to see him go but understand the move. I just hope the Qatari money doesn’t disrput the team atmosphere.

    • Yes, that sort of disruption is worrisome to me considering the rumors that Kombouare might be removed and the Berbatov to PSG stuff.


    ICI C’est PARIS

  6. i think paris season if 12/13, if mars get diarra or mvilla and the ayews step it up a lot maybe they can dodge out ligue 1, but the key to lilles repeat is rudi garcia + gervinho , they have decent depth over the pitch.

  7. Is Adil rami big of a loss a cb or do u think hes just average and same level and ciani ?

    • Adil Rami is a very good player, and I think it was a poor and shortsighted decision to let him go so cheaply. He’s certainly not average. However, they have replaced him with Marko Basa, formerly of Le Mans, which stops up the hole without quite filling the shoes. Rami is significantly better than Ciani if one is to trust the judgement of Laurent Blanc (Ciani played for Blanc at Bordeaux but hasn’t gotten near the national team this year, while Rami has been a starter).

  8. who do will be the top 3 and bottom 3 in the 11/12 season mate hard to predict the winner,most underated league.. in a league where 16/20 teams defend hard gevinho is the reason lille pipped OM etc, if he leaves who would most likely taker over?

    b.t.w can u see many similarities with bordeux and lille this year with the key cb leaving etc and great start to season then collapse like blancs 09/10 team, lol ?

  9. My predictions for “Le Championnat” 2011/12

    Top 3:

    #1 Marseille
    #2 Sochaux
    #3 Saint-Etienne

  10. sochaux poor attack… thats a very bias 3, too inconsistent, no way lille drops outat the 3

    • Sochaux poor attack? Are you serious? Maiga and Ideye both socred 15 Ligue 1 goals last season, Martin provided 17 assists, they scored 60 goals, etc. I doubt they will be second, but it’s because of their defense and goalkeeper deficiencies, not a “poor attack”.

  11. 1.PSG


  12. new teams coming up yearly in ligue 1, if paris owners board dont screw over the coach they got great chance of the title mate. Do u go on any other forums like lets hear u size up the top 3 tom un biased to psg. btw Is ligue 1 free to air where u live?

    • My top three? Way too early to say, what happens in the transfer window will define it. However, Marseille will be there, the quality in that team is unarguable and even without signings (and there will be some) they have the quality to achieve at least third place. I believe that a PSG with Gameiro, Douchez, a couple more good signings and Kombouare keeping his job will lead to a top three finish, and I think the last spot will be contested between a rejuvinated Lyon under Garde and Lille, who will unfortunately sustain losses but seem to have strengthened well. Thinking more on it, here’s my top four:


      I’m probably way off, but who knows.
      I do go on, if only to correct the ludicrous people who write there, and no, so I watch through sites like and rojadireta

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