Power Rankings for Matchday 2

Because real life gets in the way, it might be harder for me to do a “Team of the Week”. I wanted to do it, but real work must come first. Still, I was able to do the Ligue 1 Talk Power Rankings for this week, and this is what I have. Hopefully by the end of the week, I might have the team, but don’t count on it.

Power Rankings.

1. ASSE – 40.4 points
2. Toulouse – 37.2 points
3. Lyon – 36.8 points
4. Montpellier – 36 points
5. Rennes – 35 points
6. Marseille – 32 points
7. Caen – 31.8 points
8. Lorient – 30.2 points
9. Evian – 27.6 points
10. PSG – 27 points
11. Lille – 26.4 points
12. Sochaux – 26 points
13. Brest – 19 points
14. Bordeaux – 15.2 points
15. Valenciennes – 14 points
16. Nancy – 12 points
17. Auxerre – 11 points
18. Ajaccio – 6.6 points
19. Nice – 2 points
20. Dijon – (-4) points

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4 Responses

  1. Dave, can you put a link in these to the first “Power Rankings” article so the reader can refresh themselves as to the criteria.

  2. Here is the first ranking. Also, I put in some of the wrong numbers for some of the teams, so there is a change. I thought something was wrong when I had Caen all the way down at something like 15th.


  3. Thanks for the work that goes into this but it’s quite puzzling.

    Toulouse gets rewarded for beating two newly promoted while Lyon doesn’t get punished for tying Ajaccio at home? Montpellier win at Lille and go from 48 to 36 points? Lille loses to Montpellier but only lose 5 points from 31.4 to 26.4.

    Auxerre tie a superiour side Marseille and they lose points and don’t move up in the standings.

    It’s hard to take this seriously without seen what criteria goes into this power ranking. Also having a negative value for a power ranking is a bit unusual, what would Arles have finished at last season based on that same formula?


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