2013/14 Ligue 1 Matchday 1 Preview

Today's big question...will Lisandro's departure hurt Lyon?

Today’s big question…will Lisandro’s departure hurt Lyon?

Well, with the long awaited season upon us, it is time to pull out the jerseys, find those internet streams we haven’t used in the last few weeks, fire up the DVRs for the games we want to watch later and crack out the French-English dictionaries because Ligue 1 season is finally here. Gone are all of the preseason games that mean nothing, as well as the hype around only two teams. Now we are at the point where those “mega teams” need to prove themselves.

Of course, the transfer market this summer makes Ligue 1 a much different looking league than we had before. One of the newly promoted teams is vying for a Champions League spot. Some of the smaller teams have brought in really good talent. Other teams have lost a lot of their players in the summer, and questions remain on how they will perform this season.

So, with Matchday 1, what should we expect?
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Best French Team Logo – Round 1

Today, we announced that we will be announcing the “Best Logo” in French football. This will include all the teams that we can possibly add from Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Championnat National, CFA and CFA 2. This will take the entire year, as we will have a number of runoffs. So, without delay, we will give you Round 1 today.

Please put your vote for the best in the comment area. You can only pick one. Also, comment on whatever one you like or dislike as well! Enjoy!

AS Vitré

ES Bonchamp

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